Online jobs in Kenya that pay Ksh 10,000 per day


There are a number of online jobs in Kenya that pay more than Ksh10, 000 per day. Earning this amount translates to Ksh 300,000 per month. With this income, you’ll comfortably live in Karen, one of the richest estates in Nairobi.

But it’s not easy to earn this amount of money, you have to burn midnight oil, spend long day hours. The number of Kenyans earning over Ksh10, 000 per day online in Kenya cannot exceed 1000.

We will only list the genuine ways of earning 10k per day online in Kenya. Use the tips provided in this article in order to be among the few generating this amount online.


YouTube is a great source of income for income for content creators in Kenya. Earning over ksh300, 000 per day from your channel depend on the number of subscribers, source of revenue and traffic figures.

To create a YouTube channel is free but earning is where the challenge is.Nearly all content creators in Kenya make money through AdSense. For your channel to start making money, you need to have the following minimum requirements

Your videos must be original and unique

Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers

Your channel must have more than 4,000 watch hours

The channel must be at least 12 months old.

Once you meet those conditions, apply to be approved by AdSense.

To earn Ksh10, 000 per day in Kenya, your channel must get more than 1 million views every day. YouTube pays Ksh 50 to Ksh 200 per 1000 views in Kenya.You can’t achieve this target without having substantial number of subscribers. Your target number of subscribers should be 100,000 and above.

Post videos on your channel daily in order for YouTube to start suggesting them to random YouTube viewers.


You will easily earn over Ksh 10,000 per month through blogging in Kenya. Just like YouTube, bloggers also make money through AdSense. More than 20 Kenyans bloggers make above Ksh10, 000 per day.

To create a blog in Kenya, the cost ranges between Ksh 5,000 and ksh20, 000.A new blog, one that’s less than 1 year old, won’t generate 10k per day. A blog builds audience gradually, it can take more than 4 years for it to break even.

New bloggers make money through AdSense which pays based on clicks and views. Each click pays Ksh 1 to Ksh 10 for Kenyan traffic. To earn over Ksh10, 000 per day, your blog must attract more than 70,000 page views daily.

If you create a blog with millions of monthly visitors, you’ll certainly be assured of generating Ksh10,000 per addition, companies will post sponsored content on the blog, others will place banners.

Academic writing

Making money online through Academic writing is another passion for Kenyan graduates. The number of those making over ksh10, 000 per day is way above 100.Those who started 10 years ago are making even more than Ksh 1 million per month.

To make over Ksh10, 000 is not easy if you don’t own your own account. The first thing to so when you join this industry is to buy your own account. It will cost you Ksh100, 000 to ksh200, 000 to buy one. Thereafter, employ people to do the tasks sent into your account and pay them a proportion of the amount you’re paid by clients.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not fully exploited in Kenya, but it’s well-paying. Affiliate marketing is not so popular in Kenya but those pursuing it are pulling in good revenue. Some of the best affiliate programs come from companies like 22Bet, 1XBET, Bluehost, HostPinnacle,Jumia and Betway.

In affiliate marketing, you’re only paid when you make a sale.For instance, if you sell Samsung phone for Jumia worth Ksh100, 000,you’re paid Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 15,000 depending on the commission percentage.

Affiliate marketing does not rely on views but successful sales.As a content creator, you’ll focus on convincing the audience into buying the product.

Kenyan bloggers aren’t excited with affiliate marketing because they aren’t patient enough.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that your blog can get 100 views per day, make two sales and generate Ksh 20,000 that day….though there are some days you’ll not make any money.

I prefer affiliate programs with recurring income, like 22Bet,Betway and 1XBET.Their programs work in such a way that as long as the customers you referred to them are active and losing money, you’ll earn money through the loses.

Offer Web hosting services

Establish a web hosting company to host small, medium and heavy traffic Kenyan sites. You don’t have to own your servers, you can buy server space from companies like Bluehost. Spend Ksh100, 000 to start the business, host 1,000 clients and make Ksh 3,000 per client per year.

Web hosting is a lucrative business in Kenya.

Offer web design services

More than 90% of companies and individuals wanting to start new websites in Kenya don’t have necessary skills to design websites. This is a golden opportunity for Kenyans who want to make money online through web design.

Create a website, use it to advertise your products. You should also create Facebook and Twitter pages.

You will be charging Ksh10,000 to Ksh 100,000 to design one website. In a month, you’ll create 20 websites and earn Ksh10,000 daily.

Trade in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a risk venture but worth taking. Buy Bitcoins when the prices are low and sell after sometime. Like this time, the prices are below Ksh2.5 million, this is the time to buy and sell when they cross Ksh 3 million. You can make Ksh 2 million per month.

Start e-commerce business

E-commerce business will also be ideal for Kenyans who want to make over ksh10, 000 per day. This business require high level of patience and aggressive marketing. You need Facebook pages with high number of followers to market your products.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is a high risk venture but very rewarding for those who know how to trade. You can easily earn over Ksh10,000 per day through forex when you know money market international trends