Ways to make money in college and university as a student in Kenya


There are a number of way in which University and college students make money in Kenya. One can make money offline or online depending on which way works for them. Some students make money while in session, others make money while outside college.

If you are looking for money making opportunities in and out of college/university, consider one of the following;

Paid internships

Look for internships when you’re not in class. There are companies in Kenya which pay interns. While in school, prepare a good CV and cover letter which you’ll drop in selected companies that you know that offer paid internships.


While in college, you can create your own blog and start making money online. Starting a blog require a capital of about Ksh10, 000.After the website is ready, post your content and sign up with AdSense.

You can approach Hostpinnacle or Kenya Website Experts for web design and hosting services.

With good traffic, you’re capable of making over Ksh50, 000 monthly while in college.

Sell cheap clothes and shoes in college

You can buy cheap clothes and shoes from Gikomba and sell to your fellow students. Even shops like Think Twice have nice clothes which they sell cheaply, buy from them and sell within college. You should target ladies because those are the ones who always buy clothes, they also have more money than male students.

Start a YouTube channel

As a student, you have enough time to take videos and post on YouTube. In college, that’s the best time to start your own channel. The advantage you have is that you have enough free time and also creating a channel is free.

If you start a channel in third year, by the end of your fourth year, you’ll start earning money from the channel.

YouTubers in Kenya earn money through AdSense, which is a free monetization platform owned by Google.

Academic writing

Academic writing is also feeding many students in Kenya, some even left school because the money was so much. At first you can be employed by someone, save money and later buy your own account.

You’ll be paid Ksh150 to Ksh400 per page when you are employed by someone but once you acquire your own account, you’ll make over Ksh500 per page.

Start a profitable business near your college and employ someone to work for you

Identify profitable businesses to do near a college, look for capital and employ someone to work for you when you are busy in class. Some of the best businesses to do include:

  1. PlayStation
  2. Pool table
  3. Wines and spirits
  4. Photocopy, scanning and printing machines
  5. MPESA shop
  6. Fast food restaurant
  7. Sell fresh juice
  8. Sell reading materials to students
  9. Sell mandazi and chapati
  10. Bodaboda business

Loan other students money

If you have students you trust with your money, loan them and get paid with interest. Though it’s hard to do such a risk business, sometimes it can be done.

Do Airbnb business

You can rent houses outside school and let them to other students at a premium price. For instance, rent a room for Ksh 4,000 when the demand is low and later let for Ksh5, 500 to other students when the demand is high.

Do assignments for other students

There are students who don’t have time to research and do assignments, such students are willing to pay someone to do the work for them. This is something you can do when free.

Do transcription

Transcription is something you can do while in college because it’s relevant to students. Sign for transcription jobs and get paid once you complete a task.

Become an influencer

You can also become an influencer on social media.Facebook,Twitter ,TikTok and Instagram are the most ideal channels to pursue influencer jobs. Grow your pages and get paid when you advertise products for companies.  

Guest blogging

Write content and submit to various blogs locally and get paid. Blogs like Tuko, Citizen TV and Standard Media can pay you, or even employ you if your work is excellent. One blog post will earn you Ksh 500 to Ksh 5,000

Take and sell photos and videos online

There are several companies buying photos and videos from Kenyans. Look for companies buying such photos online and sell to them.

You can also do photography within the college.