How much money can a blog make with 10,000 page views


A blog with 10,000 page views can make $10 to $100.The income depends on various factors, like geographical location, monetization strategy, source of traffic and niche.

If you’re relying on AdSense to make money, you’ll earn $10 to $30 per 10,000 page views. If your source of income is affiliate marketing, 10,000 views can generate between $0 and $10,000.

Assuming that your only source of traffic is USA and you monetize with AdSense, here is the exact amount you’ll earn with 10,000 views.

Each click costs $0.20

10,000 views will attract 150 clicks

The total amount for 100 clicks is $30.

If you add CPM of $2, the total amount to earn from 10,000 views is $33.

If your traffic is from India and Africa, each click will generate $0.01 to $0.05.Meaning that you’ll generate $5 to $20 from AdSense with that traffic.

Bloggers are always advised to create content that attract traffic from USA because it will pay them better than traffic from Africa and India.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the type of affiliate program you choose will determine the amount of money to earn. You should target programs with recurring income. This simply means that the companies will pay you as long as the clients you referred to them continue using their services. Some of programs include Kinsta, SEMrush and most of the betting sites.

With 10,000 traffic, one is capable of earning even $100,000 every month through affiliate marketing.

There are some affiliate companies that pay handsomely when someone signs up for their services through a blog.One of them is Bluehost. From my own experience, a blog in web hosting niche with 10,000 views can get 10 sign ups.Each sign up generates $65,the 10 signups will generate $650.

For one to succeed in affiliate marketing, they have to create a niche blog.If you intend to sell web hosting products, your blog should be focusing on web hosting.

A number of bloggers are blocked from AdSense, they also don’t prefer affiliate marketing. They, therefore, go for AdSense alternatives like MGID.

A company like MGID pays $5 to $20 for every 10,000 views. They prefer entertainment, sports, news and gossip content. With MGID, the more traffic a site receives the higher the RPM, hence high income.

Minimum requirement for MGID is 3,000 daily page views.

Niche of your blog also determine the amount of money you’ll earn. The highest paying niches include:health,making money online,finance,insurance,loans,mortgage,web hosting,law,pets, career and technology.

To ensure that you earn high amount of money constantly, target organic traffic. By focusing on keywords, you’ll definitely get organic traffic because your articles will rank higher in search engines.