How much money does TikTok pay for 1 million views


TikTok pays $0.02 to $0.04 per 1000 views, meaning that the company pays $20 to $40 per 1 million views. Viewers from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other European countries are the best, they will pay $40 per 1 million views. Viewers from African countries, India, Pakistan and other Asian countries will pay as low as $20 per 1 million views.As a Tiktoker,you should target views from USA and European countries to be assured of generating $40 per 1000000 views.

However, most people in TiKTok don’t depend 100% on payment by Tiktok,they collaborate with brands and even get booked for events. This is the only way they ensure that their views translate to decent income. To be sincere,$20-$40 per 1 million views is low compared to YouTube which can pay even more than $3000 per 1 million views.

Though the income appears to be low, getting 1 million views in TikTok is much easier than in YouTube. With 5 million followers, you are sure of getting 1 million views per video. Assuming that you post 1 video daily, you’ll earn upwards of $2000 per month. Then add the money you’ll earn from affiliate marketing and sponsored content. I know of a number of TikTokers making over $5000 per month by diversifying their source of income.

If you want to earn over $1,000 from Tiktok, make sure you don the following:

  1. Post at least 1 video daily
  2. Get over 1 million followers
  3. Diversify your sources of income (affiliate marketing, sponsored content, paid performances, and partner with brands)
  4. Share your videos on other social media channels
  5. Create videos that stand out
  6. Get traffic from USA