1 million views on YouTube money in Canada


YouTube is one of the best ways to make money online in Canada. With 1 million views, you’ll make $2000 to $4000.However, the views must be received from USA, Canada, Australia or UK for your channel to generate over $2000 monthly. Traffic from Pakistan, India and Africa may not earn over $2000 from 1 million views.

The amount of money a YouTube channel makes depend on various factors, such as:

  1. Niche
  2. Geographical location of traffic
  3. Length and quality of the video
  4. Time spent on your videos
  5. Number of adverts per video

As you create content, make sure your target audience are from Canada or USA, that way you’ll earn over $2500 per month from 1 million views. The videos should also be long enough to encourage people to view the adverts.

The niche you also specialize on should yield high returns. Highest paying niches in Canada include:

  1. Make Money Online. $12.51
  2. Social Media Marketing. $11.10.
  3. Finance & Investing. $11.00
  4. Educational Videos. $9.89.
  5. Photography & Film Making. $7.1
  6. Cars. $4.20
  7. Lifestyle. $3.45
  8. Fashion & Clothing. $3.10

With 1,000 views on YouTube, you’ll earn $1 to $10 while 100,000 views earn upwards of $200 in Canada.

Some channels have videos with 2 adverts each. For all the adverts in a video to be viewed the video must be of high quality and entertaining for the viewer. It should also be long, at least 15 minutes long.

To get 1 million views in Canada require a lot of work, you have to post videos regularly, at least one video per day. You should also have enough subscribers. If your channel has 100,000 subscribers, you’re sure each video will get more than 10,000 views. You’ll post 100 videos to get 1 million views.