How to make money through MPESA in Kenya 2023


There are several ways of making money in Kenya through MPESA.This year 2023 I will show you the various ways you can use your phone to make money.

  • Save money in Mshwari

Mshwari allows you to save money and earn interest. You can save as low as Ksh1000 and make money daily which you will withdraw through MPESA.Mshwari also gives loans. If you own a business, take loan from Mshwari and boost your stock to increase profitability.

  • Sell products on social media

Use your phone to sell products on social media and get paid through MPESA.You can sell smartphones, shoes, Turkey clothes, smart TVs etc.

Most of your clients will be paying you through MPESA

  • Buy Unit Trusts

Buy Unit Trusts using MPESA and earn interest daily. Unit Trusts are sold by insurance companies and stock brokers. In Kenya, CIC, ICEA Lion, Amana Capital and Britam are some of the leading companies offering Unit Trusts.

  • Blogging

Create a blog, post content and get paid through MPESA.Most of the companies advertising in Kenya pay through MPESA.Each sponsored article will pay you Ksh 5,000 to Ksh40, 000.

  • Operate an MPESA shop

Start an MPESA shop and make money through MPESA.To start one, you need a capital of Ksh80, 000 to Ksh 150,000.You will be earning commissions from every transaction made through your line.

An MPESA shop can generate Ksh 1000 to Ksh5, 000 per day depending on the number of customers you receive.

  • Start a profitable business

Most businesses in Kenya earn money through MPESA.If you want to make a lot of money through MPESA, start a profitable business. Some of the best profitable businesses to start in 2023 include: Car wash, PlayStation, Butchery, Grocery shop, Perfume refill, selling bottled water and hardware shop.

  • Provide mobile loans

Another way of making money through MPESA is by offering mobile loans. Loan your peers in order to earn through the interest they pay. You can also start a mobile loan App that gives loans to Kenyans.

  • Invest in shares

Join a Sacco and buy shares. You will get paid dividends through MPESA annually.Saccos like Stima Sacco, Harambee Sacco, Police Sacco and Safaricom Sacco are the most reliable ones.

Participate in paid surveys

Register and participate in paid surveys. There are a number of companies in Kenya which pay participants through MPESA.You can make in excess of Ksh 10,000 per month by participating in surveys

  • Affiliate marketing

I have joined a number of affiliate marketing companies in Kenya, most of them pay me via MPESA.Jumia, Kenya Website Experts and HostPinnacle are some of the best companies to join. Market their products through social media and blogs, earn commissions which are paid to you via MPESA.

  • Guest blogging

Become a guest blogger where you write for various websites in Kenya and get paid per article. Some websites pay up to Ksh 5,000 per article.

  • Do errands

You can also earn money by doing errands like shopping, house cleaning, carpet cleaning and washing of clothes. All those people will pay you via MPESA or in cash.

  • Sell safaricom credit

You can convert credit in MPESA money. You can also sell bonga points and earn money through MPESA.