How much money is 1 million views on YouTube 2023


The amount of money you’ll make from 1 million YouTube views range between $1500 and $5000 depending on many factors. Ideally, you will make $2000 per month from 1 million views. If you get over 80% of your views from USA,your channel will generate for you more than $4000 per 1 million views.

The money you’ll make from YouTube is dependent on geographical location of views, quality of the video, number of adverts on the video and niche. Highest paying countries include:USA, UK,Australia,UAE,Canada and Germany. Lowest paying countries include Africa and Asia.

While starting a channel, ensure that you take note of the niche you’ll be specializing on. Here are the highest paying YouTube niches (2023)

Making Money Online. To start with, the single most profitable YouTube niche is strategies for making money online. …

Digital Marketing. Next up, digital marketing has the second-highest income potential on YouTube. …

  1. Personal Finance and Investments.
  2. Tech, Cars, and Gadgets
  3. Fashion
  4. Cooking & Recipe
  5. Video Games
  6. Health
  7. Web Hosting

Your videos should also be of high quality and long enough. Videos which are 15 minutes long can accommodate 2 or 3 adverts compared to those which are 3 minutes long, hence more income for long videos.

The more time someone spends on your channel, the more money you are likely to earn, which is why you should make the videos more interesting, entertaining and informative.

A channel with 1 million views monthly, will certainly earn over $2000 monthly not matter how low CPM is.The CPM will be between $0.8 to $5.