How much does YouTube pay for 10,000 views in Kenya?


If your channel gets 10,000 views in Kenya, YouTube will pay you Ksh 500 to Ksh 2,000.The average amount to earn from YouTube with 10,000 views is Ksh 1,500.

One thing you should know is that the type of content you produce determines how much you make from YouTube. If you want to boost your income and earn over Ksh2,000 from 10,000 views, make sure the videos are of high quality, take your time when shooting videos and edit them well. They should also be long enough, at least 10 minutes per video.

The niche of your channel also determines how much you make. If you are reviewing phones, laptops, televisions etc,you will earn a lot of money. Making money online, web hosting, technology, Banking & Finance, personal finance management are some of the best paying Niches on YouTube.

Another important thing is to attract traffic from USA.Without significant volume of traffic from USA,you won’t earn decent income from your channel. Make sure over 30% of the views are from USA.

If your channel gets 1 million views per month, you will earn Ksh150,000 to Ksh300,000.With 100,000 views,you will make Ksh 15,000 to Ksh30,000.

YouTubers earn decent money if they get over 1 million views.To be assured of this cash,you need enough subscribers.100,000 subscribers will get at least 10,000 views per video.