YouTube income for 1000,10000,100000 ,1000000 and 10000000 views in 2024


Many content creators don’t exactly know the income their channels would generate. YouTube pays based on the views a channel gets. One of the factors which determine the income is the niche of your content. Another factor is the geographical location of the traffic. The most important factor is whether the ads are viewed by the subscribers and visitors or not.

Below is the amount of money to earn from your YouTube channel based on traffic:

1000 views—$1 to $20

10,000 views—$20 to $300

100,000 views—$100 to $1000

1000,000 views—$3000 to $10,000

10,000,000 views—$10,000 to $30,000

The income above is for traffic from USA and Europe. If your income is from Africa, India and Pakistan, you’ll earn 50% less than the income stated above. For instance, if your traffic is 1000,000, you will earn $1000 to $5000.

To improve your income, your videos should be engaging enough to encourage your viewers to view the Ads. You should also create content around high paying niches. Your target locations MUST be USA and Europe.