Best and Worst Performing blogs in Kenya


If you are planning to start a blog in Kenya, you have to do thorough research to determine which are the best and worst performing blogs in Kenya. In other words, you must know which niche performs well and which one will be a flop.

One of the things you should look at traffic. There is no single website that will develop without traffic, especially organic traffic. You should also determine the trending keywords. About five years ago, most entertainment and political blogs excited many Kenyans, blogs which covered these topics trended a lot but when gambling was introduced in 2013 the audience shifted to gambling.

Without many words, let’s start from the best performing blogs in Kenya

  • Education blogs

If you start a blog dealing with education and career, you will rise at an exponential rate. However, this topic require that you master keywords which are common among job seekers and students.

The good thing about education topics is that advertisers are many, which means the keywords from AdSense will bear reasonable CPC.The traffic will also be higher compared to blogs from other niche.

One example of successful blogs that have stood the test of time is Kenyaplex.

  • Business and real estate

The second one is business and real estate blogs. Most people are jobless, they are seeking for opinions on how to start a business and the most profitable businesses to start. There is no specific blog that gives such advise.

Real estate sector is also booming. Blogs like Buyrentkenya are making millions every month due to availability of premium advertisements. The many people migrating to urban centres who at the same time search for accommodation is the reason behind the success of real estate blogs.

  • Gambling and sports blogs

The richest bloggers in Kenya are those owning gambling and sports blogs. While companies are laying off employees due to losses, betting firms are registering booming businesses. Companies like Sportpesa pay up to Ksh1 million per month to advertise on a single blog. Assuming you own a blog that dominate in this industry, you need 4 banners from individual companies to make Ksh3 million every month.

There are also numerous sponsored articles for bloggers in this industry. In short, the business is booming for gambling blogs.

But the worst part is that AdSense won’t allow you to place their adverts on your blog.

Worst performing blogs in Kenya

  • Spiritual and Christianity blogs

If you make and come up with a blog that talks about spiritual matters, you will die poor. Kenyans don’t like searching things to do with Christianity. In addition, very few companies advertise Christianity products like Bible and motivational books.

  • News website

Until 2018, operating a news site was a lucrative activity but since the introduction of censorship of fake news, Google started giving priority to blogs owned by media houses. This means that even if your content is so good, if you aren’t a media house, you won’t compete in equal levels with sites like Nation and Standardmedia.

  • Political blog

Another niche you should avoid is politics. Google and Facebook are hard on these blogs because this is where fake news happen. Unless you are a trusted media house, you won’t succeed with political blogs.

In future if you happen to write information and later Google finds out that it was fake, your subsequent content is treated as spam.

Another disadvantage of political content is that you are bound to get jailed or have several cases in court because of defamation or rubbing shoulders with the government. It’s hard to live in peace when you operate successful political blogs.

  1. Entertainment blogs

Nowadays almost all entertainment news is found in Instagram, Facebook,Twitter or WhatsApp.People will not have a reason to visit your site when they have already seen the information on social media.Entertainment blogs like Ghafla are struggling to survive because the audience is getting slim by the day.

Those are just but a few of best and worst performing blogs in Kenya.If you want to register your domain name and buy cheap hosting plan, visit Bluehost(Click here to visit their website)