Kenya Website Experts Packages


Kenya Website Experts is the best web hosting company in Kenya. The company has several packages which are offered to website owners based on required resources. The cheapest packages are in Basic Web Hosting plan which most Kenyans prefer.

Before you select the ideal hosting package, ensure that the one you buy is cheap and reliable. Normally, bandwidth, cost, disk space, email accounts and RAM are the most important things you should look at.

We will start with the BASIC WEB HOSTING plans.

  • Starter plan

Starter is the first one and cheapest among the plans offered by Kenya Website Experts. The cost per year is Ksh2,100 and features include:30GB Disk Space,300GB Bandwidth,500MB RAM. This plan is the most popular among bloggers in Kenya.

If you have a new website, this is the best plan to buy from Kenya Website Experts. The plan can sustain up to 10,000 daily page views.

  • Standard

The second one is called Standard plan which costs Ksh 7,100 per year. The plan comes with 70GB Disk Space,700GB Bandwidth and 500RAM.

This plan is suitable for websites which receive up to 15,000 page views per day.

  • Bronze

The third and most popular among medium blogs in Kenya is Bronze plan. It costs Ksh 10,100 per year and has the following features:

90GB Disk Space

900GB Bandwidth


If you have a viral blog that gets up to 20,000 page views per day, join this plan.

  • Gold

The last one under Basic Web Hosting plan is Gold. I have interacted with many bloggers who have viral blogs in Kenya and they confirm that this is where they have put their sites. Gold Plan costs Ksh 14,100 per year and it contains features such as Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth and 500GB RAM, you know the most important thing is Bandwidth. The size of your photos and amount of traffic will heavily contribute to the usage of bandwidth. If your site is popular, it means the amount of bandwidth usage is high.


VPS Hosting is a bit expensive but very important for viral websites. Sometimes you might find that your site is consuming more than the set resources and it experiences frequent downtime. When in such a situation, you should upgrade from the basic plans to VIP Hosting plan which is more advanced.

There are three plans under VIP Hosting: Starter, Standard and Bronze. Standard costs Ksh 1,700 per month, Bronze goes for Ksh 3,100 per month or Ksh 5,100 per month. Initially you may not need VIP hosting but as your blog grows, you’ll find the need to upgrade to VPS.

The most popular package under VIP is Bronze which costs Ksh3,100 per month. This one can sustain traffic of up to 25,000 per day.

For those with sites of 20,000-50,000 daily page views, Bronze is the best package for you.This package comes with 4GB RAM,60GB Disk Space and 2TB storage capacity.

Standard has the following features:


30 GB Disk Space

2 TB Bandwidth

2 CPU Cores

Includes cPanel

For those going for starter plan which is similar to Gold, here are the features to get:


20 GB Disk Space

1 TB Bandwidth

2 CPU Cores

No cPanel


The most advanced under Kenya Website Hosting is the dedicated server. When it comes to VPS, one blog shares a server with a couple of other blogs but for dedicated server, your blog is allocated entire space in the server. The special treatment your blog get comes with a slightly higher cost.

Dedicated Servers package has three plans: Starter, Standard and Bronze. Standard is the cheapest with a price of Ksh 15,000 per month. Its features include:

    4GB RAM

    1TB Disk Space

    5TB Bandwidth

    Server Setup

    cPanel Installation

The second one is Standard plan which costs Ksh 22,000 per month. It has the following features:

    8GB RAM

    1TB Disk Space

    10TB Bandwidth

    Server Setup

    cPanel Installation

The most expensive web hosting plan is Bronze which goes for Ksh 26,000 per month. This one can sustain traffic of up to 100,000 page views per day. Websites like Ghafla, Venas News and Kahawatungu will comfortably be hosted here.

Features of this plan include;

    16GB RAM

    1TB Disk Space

    15TB Bandwidth

    Server Setup

    cPanel Installation

There are also some website owners who prefer Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is similar to dedicated server but slightly cheap. There is Starter, Standard and Bronze plans. Starter plan costs Ksh 14,100 per year, Standard goes for Ksh 19,100 annually while Bronze plan costs Ksh 25,100.

Most bloggers prefer Cloud hosting because it’s facilitated by Google.

If your blog is relatively new, start with the cheapest plan that costs Ksh 2,100 per year then upgrade slowly. The moment it starts getting over 5,000 daily visitors, move it to Standard plan then Bronze.

Web Hosting is expensive especially if your blog is popular, but you should not compromise on quality.