How Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Makes Money


If you are not a blogger, then it will be hard for you to understand how blogger Cyprian Nyakundi makes his money. You may not believe it, but truth is, Cyprian makes over Ksh300,000 monthly from his blogging activities. Initially, he used to earn more than Ksh 500,000 monthly but after his Twitter account was disabled, his income reduced significantly.

The number of blogs Cyprian owns

Cyprian own several blogs but the most popular ones are 3.They are listed as:

  • Cnyakundi
  • Kenyanbulletin
  • Uhondo News

The blogger also runs a forum where members discuss politics, latest news and array of other topics. Nyakundi promotes his websites on Cyprian is,Nyakundi Facebook page which has over 50,000 followers. His initial Facebook account had 350,000 followers but Facebook deleted it over fake news. He lost his Twitter account with over 1 million followers and was permanently banned from the platform.

The good thing about Cyprian is that he had already made a name from Twitter, hence no need to promote his content there—people look for his content online.

How Cyprian makes his money

Cyprian earns money from AdSense, MGID and promoted content. The blogger charges up to Ksh1 million per single promoted post especially those aimed at exposing companies and popular personalities. If a company feels that a post on Cyprian’s website must be pulled down, they negotiate with Cyprian. He charges up to Ksh 1million to pull down a post.

Individuals who feel offended file for defamation cases on court. Cyprian is the most arrested blogger in Kenya alongside Robert Alai.

Outside blogging, Cyprian also owns a Wines and Spirits shop in Eastlands.

Amount of money Cyprian Nyakundi earns per month

Cyprian earns Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 1 million per month.He recently claimed that the amount of cash in his bank accounts is Ksh3.3 million.

The blogger may not be the richest bloggers in Kenya but he lives a modest life.He currently drives a Mark X,a car that costs over Ksh 1 million.

His blogging journey started about 5 years ago when he was suspended from Meru University. Since he didn’t have a college certificate and his name was spoiled by the university, he decided to make money online. Over time, the blogger has found comfort in blogging—he enjoys what he does.


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