How Long Will it Take To Become a Successful Blogger


It takes approximately 3 years for one to become a successful blogger. During the first year, your work is to generate traffic for your blog, it requires hard work. Once a blog is designed, there is a period of 6 months to one year when it’s not anywhere near popular blogs. A serious and talented blogger would generate fresh, quality and regular articles that will attract thousands of readers.

For the first year, don’t expect to be popular because only a few hundreds of readers would have known your site. Your popularity will start growing in the second year of blogging, that’s if you are aggressively updating the site.

Research shows that during the second year, a blog will manage 1,000 to 50,000 daily visits but it won’t beat authority sites. If that site clocks three years, that’s when it will be at par with some authority sites.

Your aim is to create at least 1000 blog posts in three years. If each of the blog posts generates 20 visits per day, it means in a month you’ll get over 600,000 visits. Globally, your site will rank above 100,000.

From your third year, you’ll start getting sponsored articles, direct banner adverts and paid reviews. When you reach this point, know that you have become popular. Other blogs will also start mentioning you and your content, you’ll get several backlinks for free.

In order to ensure that you become more popular, use SEO tools like SEMrush to check on keywords.

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While you are popular, don’t be carried away, continue creating fresh content until you get fame, money and satisfaction in life.


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