How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything in Ghana


There are over 20 ways in which you can make money online in Ghana without paying anything. More often than not, some companies request that you pay registration fee before they allow you to start gaining from them. Evidence suggests that schemes which request subscription fee are pyramid programs which end in disastrous ways.

Graduates, school dropouts and jobless citizens endeavor to pursue online ventures but there is no single solid article to guide them on how to maneuver around and find an ideal footing. This article will certainly shed light on what you have always yearned for in regard to online businesses that are absolutely free to join.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online in Ghana. None of the available affiliate marketing programs requests anyone to pay anything to join.Earlier,we had written about various affiliate marketing programs in Ghana ,here is the link to the article:

You can join any of the listed affiliate marketing programs above and start making money online.

Affiliate programs pay in terms of commissions. Some of them pay up to 70% of the sales you make.In a good month,you can make more than $5,000 from a single affiliate program.

  • Become social media marketer/influencer

Nobody pays to join social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you are enthusiastic about marketing online, create social media pages and grow them until they get reasonable followers. At some point in time, companies will approach you for advertisements.

Facebook and twitter pages with more than 200,000 followers will always attract advertisers. If you manage to attract over 1 million followers, your page will generate above US$1,000 per month.

If you become so popular, you’ll be regarded as an influencer. Some companies will pay in excess of $10,000 per month to advertise on your pages.

  • Become a blogger

You can also create your own blog and start making money online. The only stage you are required to pay money is when buying a domain name and hosting space. But the good thing is that when you are joining monetization platforms like MGID, Taboola and AdSense, nobody will charge you any money. If you don’t have money to start with, Blogger, which is owned by Google will host you for free…but the content management system is not good for SEO.

The best web hosting company for Ghanaian bloggers is Bluehost.You require approximately $3.95 to start hosting your website at Bluehost.Once your website is live, you don’t pay any money. Your income will be generated through Google AdSense,Taboola,Outbrain,MGID,affiliate marketing or  Content.Ad.To get hosting space from Bluehost,click on this link

  • Become a YouTuber

YouTube provides enough opportunities for Ghanaians to make money online. The platform, which is owned by Google, does not charge anyone any money to join. It takes less than 1 minute to register. Once registered, you will be required to upload videos and get subscribers; the more subscribers you have the more you earn. YouTubers earn from AdSense and paid reviews. You can earn in excess of $1,000 every month if your subscribers exceed 100,000.

  • Start Instagram marketing

Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is also another platform that is worth joining. It’s free to join and an excellent medium of making money online. If you have over 500,000 followers, companies will pay you to advertise for them. Some of the leading Instagrammers include Christiano Ronaldo who charge up to $1 million per post.

Your only target is to get millions of followers, then ensure there is meaningful engagement at all times.

  • Sell betting football tips

Another good opportunity to earn money online is by selling betting tips. There are millions of gamblers who would like to get accurate football predictions. If you are a good football analyst, you’ll get several customers who will pay in excess of $10 per day to get your tips.

To start, create a Facebook page where you advertise your tips or a blog where to analyze free games. Since Facebook is strict on gambling, it’s always advisable to create your own blog. Buy a domain name from Bluehost and hosting space as well,click here to visit the website

ThemeForest has several themes for football tips which they sell for as little as $20.Click here to visit Themeforest and see the list of sports themes.

When your blog becomes popular, you’ll make in excess of $10,000 from selling football tips.

  • Web design services

Over 1,000 websites are created in Ghana every day. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has knowledge of web design. Nobody will charge you to start web design online business. The first step is to create a blog where you advertise your services or a Facebook page where you’ll meet your clients.

To design a single website, you’ll charge $50 -$1,000

  • CV and Cover Letter writing

You can also earn thousands of dollars from designing CVs and cover letters. This is something simple to do but majority of graduates have no idea on how to go about it. Create a LinkedIn account, Facebook page and a blog for PR and marketing. You will pay nothing to start this type of business.


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