How to make Ksh 500 to Ksh 3000 daily in Kenya


There are many ways of making Ksh 500 to Ksh 3000 per day in Kenya. This is enough money to sustain you in a middle income estate in Nairobi.If you are lucky to make Ksh3,000 per day, then you can comfortably live in a house paying rent of Ksh 15,000 without any much struggle.

Formal employment is becoming hard to get in modern Kenya.In this article, we have provided alternative ways of making Ksh 500 to Ksh 3000 that can sustain you.They include:

  1. Start a small profitable business
  2. Blogging
  3. Run a YouTube channel
  4. Sell football predictions
  5. Academic writing
  6. Save money in fixed deposit account
  7. Invest in Unit Trusts
  8. Affiliate marketing
  9. Forex Trading
  10. Join TikTok
  11. Entertain people on Facebook and get paid via MPESA
  12. Betting
  13. Become social media influencer
  14. CV and cover letter writing
  15. Look for a job that pays over Ksh 15,000 per month

Start small profitable business

Identify a business that cannot lead you into massive losses. There are businesses that must generate profits no matter the circumstances. Those who can generate Ksh 500 to Ksh 3,000 include:

  1. MPESA shop
  2. Selling clean bottled water
  3. Grocery shop
  4. Hawking
  5. Cosmetics shop
  6. Wines and spirits shop
  7. Sell electrical appliances and electronics products
  8. Shoe shining business
  9. Fast food restaurant
  10. Kinyozi
  11. Salon


Start a personal blog and post content that you love.A blog with 4000 views per day will generate over Ksh 500.To create a blog,you need a capital of Ksh 3000 to Ksh 10,000.

Majority of Kenyan bloggers make money through AdSense. This is a platform you should also join few months after creating a blog.But you should post at least 20 high quality articles before applying for approval by AdSense.

Run a YouTube channel

You don’t need any capital to start a YouTube channel—starting is free. Create your own channel, post content and monetize with AdSense. With 5000 views per day, you are sure of earning above Ksh 500.To earn Ksh 3,000 daily, your channel has to get at least 15,000 views per day.

Sell football predictions

Create a sports blog and predict football matches. Introduce premium tips which you sell for Ksh 500 to ksh 3000 per subscriber. If your tips are good, you’ll get many subscribers and eventually manage to make over Ksh 500 daily.

You can also sell the tips on Telegram and through WhatsApp.

Academic writing

Another good way of making over Ksh 500 per day in Kenya is through academic writing. Identify a reliable academic writing company, join and get jobs daily. To earn Ksh500 per day, you’ll write two pages only. There are companies which pay even more than Ksh500 per page.

In order to earn more than Ksh 3,000 per day, you require your own academic writing account which you buy for Ksh100,000 to Ksh200,000.

Save money in fixed deposit account

Fixed deposit account pays interest of 6% and above per annum.In order to make Ksh 500 and above daily,you have to save over Ksh 1 million.

The good thing is that after saving, you don’t have to do anything, the banks will invest the money for you.

Invest in Unit Trusts

Buy Unit Trusts and earn interest daily. The money you save in unit trusts is invested in bonds, shares, Treasury Bills, money market and real estate. You will then earn interest from the profits generated through the investments.

Save Ksh 1 million and above in order to be sure of making Ksh 500 daily.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of selling products for other companies to earn commission. You can market them through Facebook, YouTube, social media and blogging. Betting sites, e-commerce companies and web hosting providers are some of the niches with affiliate marketing Products. A Company like Jumia can pay you even more than Ksh 100,000 per month for selling their products.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading is not easy,it needs brains, experience and consistency. But if you are good in mathematics and speculation, you’ll definitely make over Ksh500 daily. You need a capital of at least Ksh 100,000 to start trading in forex.

Join TikTok

TikTok is for Kenyans who like to dance and entertain people. Through dancing, you will be paid by your audience and Tiktok itself. You need a huge following in order to make up to Ksh 3,000 per day.

Some TikTok entertainers earn money via MPESA,paid by their audience to support them.

Entertain your audience on Facebook and get paid via MPESA

Facebook is a platform where comedians and DJs entertain their followers and get paid via MPESA.They provide their MPESA details which the followers use to support them. This method has worked really well for Kenyan entertainers.


If you are good in analyzing football matches and jackpots, become a professional gambler. Though in betting, the risks are high. But if you bet on small odds, you’ll certainly make more than Ksh 500 daily.

Become social media influencer

Create a huge following on social media and get paid through sponsored posts. As an influencer, companies, politicians and business persons will pay you to put content in your pages. One single post/video can generate more than Ksh100, 000.

CV and cover letter writing

Create a blog to advertise jobs, use the same blog to advertise your skills—CV and cover letter writing. You will charge Ksh Ksh500 to Ksh4,000 to advertise one position.CV and cover letter writing cost Ksh1,00 and above.

Look for a job that pays more than Ksh15,000 per month

Nearly all jobs in Kenya pay over Ksh15, 000 per month. If you get a job that pays over Ksh500 per day,then you are good to go.