Best courses to do in Kenya with D+, D plain and D- in Kenya 2023


With a D+, D plain and D- you can only do a certificate course. There are specific marketable courses to do with such grades. With a D+ you can do a diploma course but a weak one—it’s better to pursue a marketable certificate course.

Most of those who scored any D grade are good for technical courses, they get skills that will enable them become self-employed. Below are some of the best courses to pursue with a D in Kenya:

Certificate in electrical and electronics engineering

Electrical and electronics engineering course you enable you gain skills that will help one do electrical installations. You will start your own company and do installations to houses being constructed. You will also be doing repairs in various homes.

Certificate in Plumbing

Plumbing skills are on high demand in Kenya. Plumbers make more money than even graduates. If you have these skills and you are in Nairobi and major towns, you will never lack something to do. Every home needs services of a plumber. Nowadays people use toilets as opposed to latrines. The toilets need regular repairs and maintenance.

Certificate in Mechanical engineering

With a certificate in Mechanical Engineering you will become a mechanic. Several garages need services of qualified mechanics. You can also start your own garage especially if you have enough land for parking cars,

Certificate in Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering certificate require a D plain and above. It’s the best course for those who want to work with companies like TD Dobie, Toyota Kenya etc. You will generally work as a mechanic but your skills will be more advanced, you will even deal with the software part of the cars. The job is very marketable.

Certificate in Information Technology

Certificate in IT is good especially if you want to know about computer and mobile phone repairs. Focus on this area and start your own business.

Certificate in Mobile Repair Technology

Mobile Phone repair business is among the most profitable businesses in Kenya at the moment. People are making over Ksh10, 000 daily. Look for a college offering this course, enroll and get skills, then come out here and start your own business.

Certificate in Land Surveying

Get a certificate in Land Surveying and start your own surveying company. There are many people with cases of land surveying, even real estate companies will give you work. Land surveying is a profitable venture. If you survey 10 acres you earn over Ksh100,000.

Certificate in Masonry

Masonry is also very marketable. This one will require you to employ yourself or get employed in furniture companies.

Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery

You will never be jobless if you do this job. Start a company of making seats or get a job in various furniture companies available in Kenya.Hii ni kazi ya mikono and most people don’t like it, the competition for jobs is low.

Certificate in Building Technology

Building and construction is also very marketable and profitable. After college you will get a job at a construction company or start your own construction company. Jobs are everywhere and if you are good at your work, you will easily become a millionaire.

Certificate in Tour Guiding Operations

There are many tour companies which will employ you. Alternatively, start your own tour company and take tourists to game parks and other tourist destination centers.

Certificate in Computer Application Packages

You can do a certificate in computer packages, they will help you get a job as a data entry officer. You can also look for online typing jobs. Computer skills are very important in real life.

Certificate in Criminology and Security Management

There are many security companies employing watchmen. Some of them like G4s pay good salary. When you possess a certificate it’s easy to rise in ranks. You will also get a job easily with this qualification.

Certificate in Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management certificate is useful if you will be working in hotels and clubs. You will become a supervisor or manager easily.

Certificate in cake baking

You can also enroll for a certificate course in cake baking and start your own business of cake baking—it’s very profitable. You will also get employed in cake baking industry, hotels and supermarkets.

Certificate in hair dressing

Hair dressing certificate is very important if you want to own an executive salon.