How to Make AED 100 to AED 1000 per day in UAE


In UAE there are many ways of making AED 100 to AED 1000 per day either offline or online. If you make AED 100 per day, then it means you’ll be making AED 3000 per month which is decent income in EAE.

Here is how to make the money easily.

  1. Look for jobs that pay at least 3000 AED per month

There are plenty of jobs that pay over 3000AED per month, like Medical Doctor, lawyer, Pilot, Bank Manager, Data Scientists, Engineers and IT experts. Such jobs are of high demand and will pay you over AED 10,000 per month.

  1. Trade in cryptocurrency

Look for a genuine cryptocurrency trading company and invest in Bitcoins. With a capital of AED 100, 00, you will be able to make over AED 100 daily.

  1. Start a YouTube channel

Create your own YouTube channel and start posting videos. Once you hit 1 million views monthly, you will be sure of making over AED 100 daily.

To start earning from YouTube, your channel must have 4,000 watch time hours, at least 1000 subscribers and it should be over 12 months old.

  1. Start a profitable business

If you have enough capital, start a profitable business like selling cars, electronic shop, jewelry shop or fashion design shop. You can also start your own restaurant & guest house.

  1. Sell products on social media

Create social media pages, grow them and start selling products through your pages. You will not only sell to people living in UAE but also those outside the country. If you are good in social media marketing, you will make crazy profits.

  1. Invest in real estate property

Real estate is booming. You can’t go wrong for investing in real estate. Build apartments and rent them out.

Your only challenge is to get capital to build the houses. But with complete buildings and tenants, you are sure of making over AED 1000 daily.

  1. Invest in stock market

Another way of being assured of earning over AED 1000 daily is by investing in stock market. Buy shares and bonds then wait for dividends and interest from your investment.

Investing in stock market is passive income investment, it’s one of the best ways to invest your money in UAE.

  1. Save money in fixed deposit account

Fixed Deposit account savings are the best and safest ways to save money and earn interest. If you save over AED 100,000 in your account, you will be assured of generating over AED100 per day.

  1. Invest in Unit Trust & Money Market

Unit Trusts & Money Market Fund provides safe investment opportunity. Money Market Fund yields interest daily. The good thing is that the principal amount is not subjected to any risk.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one way of generating passive income in UAE.A blog with 500,000 to 1 million visits per month will generate over AED 100 daily. Bloggers earn money through AdSense, sponsored content, affiliate marketing or by selling their own products.

  1. Start ecommerce site

Start your own ecommerce site where you display items and sell to your clients after orders have been made.With a busy ecommerce website,you will certainly make over AED100 per day.