Best Web Hosting affiliate programs in Canada


There are many web hosting providers in Canada that offer affiliate marketing opportunities for bloggers and marketers. They are also suitable for YouTube content creators. But there are a couple of them which offer the best commissions and pay in time.

Here is a list of the best web hosting affiliate programs in Canada:


MilesWeb’s commissions is the best web hosting affiliate program to start with in the Canadian market and earn high profits. They offer affiliate programs for all hosting types, including WordPress hosting services. Here’s their detailed commission pay chart.

Sales Per Month Commission Per Sale
1-5 $13
6-10 $19
11-15 $26
16-20 $32
21+ $65
  • Web Hosting Canada

Web Hosting Canada pays commissions of up to C$300 per sale. It’s the best company to market in Canada.

Below are the commission to earn by marketing their products:

Product Sold Commission
Web Hosting
GO Hosting C$25.00
PRO Hosting C$50.00
ENTERPRISE Hosting C$100.00
WordPress Hosting
WP GO C$25.00
WP PRO C$50.00
WP BEAST C$100.00
Reseller Hosting
STARTER Reseller C$80.00
PRO Reseller C$100.00
ENTERPRISE Reseller C$150.00
Cloud Servers
Cloud STARTER C$50.00
Cloud PRO C$75.00
Cloud ENTERPRISE C$100.00
Cloud BEAST C$125.00
Windows Cloud Servers
Windows Cloud GO C$25.00
Windows Cloud PLUS C$50.00
Windows Cloud BEAST C$75.00
Dedicated Servers
Dedicated PRO C$100.00
Dedicated ENTERPRISE C$200.00
Dedicated BEAST C$300.00
Weebly Site Builder
Weebly GO C$25.00
Weebly STARTER C$50.00
Weebly PRO C$75.00
Weebly BUSINESS C$100.00
SSL & Security
EssentialSSL (DV) C$20.00
Instant SSL (OV) C$35.00
Wilcard SSL C$50.00
EV SSL C$20.00
SiteSafe Protection C$25.00
Email Marketing
All Email Marketing Offers 10% recurring
  • SK Gold Hosting

SKGOLD® Hosting is the leading Canadian Web Hosting provider. The company offers variety of web hosting plans that are affordable as well as reliable. By signing for our webhosting affiliate program, you will become eligible for reselling our web hosting plans. Our webhosting affiliate program is FREE and easy. You don’t need to be a techno-geek in order to take advantage of our affiliate program. All you need to do is to have a website and sign up for the program.

  • We track every bit of traffic your affiliate site(s) refers to SKGOLD® Hosting.
  • We pay you up to 20% of the billing your affiliate customers pay us.
    • Tier 1 – Up to 5 referrals – 5% commissions
    • Tier 2 – from 5 to 10 referrals – 10% commissions
    • Tier 3 – from 10 to 20 referrals – 15% commissions
    • Tier 4 – 20+ referrals – 20% commissions
  • We pay you for EVERY MONTH and EVERY YEAR your affiliates remain a customer.
  • There is no limit to the amount of customers you can refer or the amount of money we will pay.

Join our free hosting affiliate program today and immediately earn a $5 signup bonus.

  • GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosting companies in Canada. It’s also among the best web hosting companies to promote and make money through your blog.

GoDaddy pays 10% one-time commission for every product purchased through your referral link.

  • HostPapa

HostPapa is the best web hosting company for WordPress sites in Canada. Their customers as well as marketers are provided with a chance of making money online by promoting the company’s products. For every new qualified sale you send us, you will earn CAD $75 (USD $56) commission, and there is no limit to the amount of commission you can earn! Top HostPapa affiliates are earning more than $10,000 monthly.

  • Astral Internet

The good thing about Astral Internet is that it pays lifetime commission of 10%.This means that as long as your referred client pays, you will be earning every time they pay. Assuming that you refer 100 clients and each pays $1000 annually, you will earn $10,000 annually from Astral Internet alone.

  • Cirrus Hosting

Cirrus Hosting pays up to CA$200 Per Customer. The company offers WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server, VPS and other types of hosting which will generate decent cash for you.

 Below are the commissions earned from the company

Plan Per Referral  
Shared Web hosting (Linux / Windows) $85 On Yearly purchases only
VPS & Cloud Hosting & Dedicated Servers $100 Invoiced Services
Private Cloud & Dediated Sharepoint Hosting $200 Invoiced Services
  • Bluehost

Bluehost has customers from across the world.It’s an ideal hosting provider for affiliate marketing for any blogger.The company pays a commission of $65 per sale.Payment is via PayPal

  • DreamHost

Another hosting provider to market with Canadian traffic is DreamHost.The Company pays the following commissions on sales.

Monthly Plan Payout Starting at $15/referral Yearly Plan Payout Starting at $50/referral
Shared Starter $15 $50
Shared Unlimited $30 $100
VPS (Virtual Private Server) $30 $100
Dedicated Server $200 $200
DreamPress (WordPress Hosting) $150 $150
  • GreenGeeks

You can also register for GreenGeeks affiliate program and make up to $100 per sale.

Here are the commissions earned by the marketers

1 sale: $50 /sale
2 sales: $60 /sale
3 sales: $70 /sale
4 sales: $80 /sale
5 sales: $90 /sale
6+ sales: $100 /sale

If you sell more than 10 products per month, you will earn over $100 per sale. Normally, they pay $120 per sale for over 10 sales.

  • Ethical Hosting

Ethical Hosting offers web hosting services, domain registration and web design services which you will promote and make up to $100 per sale.

With the Ethical Host affiliate program, we offer:

  • Tiered commission rates from $15-$100 per referral
  • Unlimited monthly earnings
  • Ready made banners
  • 1 Year Cookie expiration
  • Increased commission at more than 4 referrals/month!
  • Request payout at any time above a $50 threshold

Commission Schedule:

Plan Name Commission Paid
Small $15
Bronze $30
Silver $50
Gold $100
  • Cloudways

Cloudways pays up to $125 per sale.It’s one of the cheapest web hosting providers for Canadian websites, implying that sales will be easy.

If you choose hybrid, you will earn $30 per sale + 7% lifetime commission

  • Accu Web Hosting

Accu Web Hosting pays high commissions of up to $200 per referral. To register for the program, follow this link

Below are the commissions to be earned from the company

Shared Hosting

Sales Commission to you
1 to 10 new Sales / Month $25 USD / Sale
11 to 20 new Sales / Month $40 USD / Sale
21 to 30 new Sales / Month $50 USD / Sale
31+ new Sales / Month $65 USD / Sale

Reseller Hosting

Sales Commission to you
1 to 10 new Sales / Month $35 USD / Sale
11 to 20 new Sales / Month $50 USD / Sale
21 to 30 new Sales / Month $75 USD / Sale
31+ new Sales / Month $100 USD / Sale

VPS Hosting

Sales Commission to you
1 to 10 new Sales / Month $50 USD / Sale
11 to 30 new Sales / Month $75 USD / Sale
31 to 100 new Sales / Month $100 USD / Sale
100+ new Sales / Month $125 USD / Sale

Dedicated Server

Sales Commission to you
1 to 10 new Sales / Month $100 USD / Sale
11 to 20 new Sales / Month $125 USD / Sale
21 to 30 new Sales / Month $150 USD / Sale
31+ new Sales / Month $200 USD / Sale

Forex VPS Hosting

Commission Per Sale
Flat Rate Commission $50 USD / Sale
  • FatCow Hosting

FatCow hosting pays commissions of up to $65 per sale.

Product           Your FatCow Affiliate

Program Commission (USD)

Limited Time Only

$9 “Cheap Sheep” Plan        $25.00

Shared Hosting         $65.00

  • MilesWeb

One of the best web hosting companies to market in Canada is MilesWeb.It pays the following commissions:

1-5 sales per month—$13 per sale

6-10 sales per month—$19 per sale

11-15 sales per month—$26 per sale

16-20 sales per month—$26 per sale

21+ sales per month—$65 per sale

  • Easy on Net

Easy On Net offers a commission of 15% on every sale. Their products are available in Canada and USA.

  • com pays up to 50% commission for each referral who purchases a product from the company.

Commission highlights*

20% commission on standard domain registrations

30% commission on WordPress Hosting

50% commission on Yearly Web Hosting and SSL certificates