How much does YouTube pay for 10 million Views


If your YouTube channel gets 10 million views, expect to earn $20,000 to $100,000.The total amount of money to earn from YouTube is dependent on various factors, one of them is the source of traffic. If your traffic is from Europe and USA, you will earn over $40,000 from 10 million views but if it’s from Africa and India, you will earn less than $30,000.

AdSense pays in terms of Cost per 1000 views.Normally,for each 1000 views, one earns approximately $1,meaning that if you get 10,000 views, you will earn over $10 and if it’s 100,000 views, the income is over $100.To get 10 million views, you will earn over $10,000.

The length and quality of the videos will also determine how much you’ll earn. If your videos are more than 10 minutes long and the engagement level is high, you will earn over $50,000 from 10 million views.

Niche of your content is also a significant factor. Always focus on high paying niches like web hosting, how to make money online, personal finance, loans, banking and technology. Such niches pay well because they attract high quality adverts.

To get 10 million views on YouTube is not an easy task, you have to post videos regularly and they should be of high quality. Your channel should also have many subscribers. The best number of subscribers are 100,000 and above.

If you create 30 videos per month and each of them gets 300,000 views, you will comfortably get 10 million views.