YouTube income for 1 million views 2024


YouTube income for 1 million views for the year 2024 range between $1000 and $10,000 depending on region of traffic, niche and quality of content. If 100% of your views are from USA, you’ll make more than $8,000 per 1 million views.

YouTube pays per 1000 impressions. CPM, which is cost per 1000 impressions, is one that measures your income.

Traffic from USA will have a CPM of $20, meaning that for every 1000 impressions, you earn $20. In case your channel gets 100,000 impressions, you’ll earn $2000.With 1 million impressions, you’ll earn $20,000. This is income for high paying niches.

Factors determining YouTube income 2024

Geographical region of traffic

Traffic from Europe & USA is the best, it generates highest amount of money. Traffic from Africa is the worst. Owning a YouTube channel that attracts 100% of views from Africa will yield $800 to $3000 from 1 million views. It’s almost impossible to earn more than $5000 with that traffic. But if your content gets most of the views from Europe and USA, you’ll certainly make over $5000 monthly.

When running a YouTube channel, always aim at traffic from USA,it will yield highest returns.


The niche of your content matters a lot,it determines the amount you’ll generate. Don’t just produce content, target specific keywords that will generate highest income.

Here is a list of highest paying YouTube niches 2024

  1. Personal finance
  2. Cooking
  3. Fashion
  4. Travel
  5. Making money online
  6. Education
  7. Beauty
  8. Digital marketing
  9. Fitness
  10. Technology and gadgets
  11. Car
  12. Lifestyle
  13. Animal
  14. Entertainment
  15. Fitness fashion
  16. Tech Review
  17. ASMR
  18. Home Improvement
  19. Film and photography
  20. Wellness
  21. Life hacks
  22. Celebrity
  23. Gaming
  24. Technology

Quality and length of your videos

High quality videos will be watched fully by viewers, implying that all your Ads in the videos will be viewed. You might post a video which does not impress the viewers, who end up watching halfway and leave without viewing the Ads.

High quality videos will attract highest paying ads which translate to high income.