Hostwinds affiliate marketing, commissions and payment


Hostwinds offers cheap web hosting services. The company has one of the best affiliate programs for marketers and content creators. The commissions paid range between $65 and $135 per sale.

Affiliate commissions

1 to 6 Sales Per Month–Earns You $65 Per Sale

7 to 12 Sales Per Month—Earns You $85 Per Sale

13 to 19 Sales Per Month—Earns You $100 Per Sale

20+ Sales Per Month—Earns You $135 Per Sale

If you manage to make 20 sales and above every month, you will earn decent income from Hostwinds.But you have to work extremely hard in order to make sales. Create a niche site which reviews web hosting sites, then focus on Hostwinds.

Affiliate sign up

To register for Hostwinds affiliate program,visit the company’s website,click on affiliate program and fill in the details.Approval process will take few hours.

You will then be provided with banners and affiliate links for promoting the products.

Hostwinds affiliate payment is monthly via PayPal.