How to make Money on TikTok in Kenya 2024/2025


TikTok is one of the platforms you will use to make money online in Kenya.TikTok may not pay you directly but you can look for ways of making money.

For you to earn money from TikTok, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. If Creator is an individual, Creator is a legal resident of the fifty (50) United States, D.C., or the territories and possessions of the United States, and is 18 years of age or older or the age of majority in their place of residence; or if Creator is an entity, Creator is incorporated or headquartered within the fifty (50) United States, D.C., or the territories and possessions of the United States;
  2. Creator’s TikTok account is active and in good standing and is in compliance with the Policies;
  3. Creator has at least 10,000 authentic followers;
  4. Creator has at least 100,000 authentic total video views in the last 30 days prior to application to the Program; and
  5. Creator has at least one valid linked digital payment account that may be offered or required for use as a payment method through the Program, which is registered in Creator’s own name (if Creator is an individual), or which is owned by Creator (if Creator is an entity) (a “Payment Account”), is in good standing with the Payment Account provider, and Creator has completed all necessary onboarding documentation for Creator to apply to the Program (including, without limitation, any tax reporting documents required by TikTok).

Minimum threshold for payment is $50.

Easy ways to make money through TikTok in Kenya

Sponsored videos

Create your own videos, get millions of views, get millions of followers and start getting sponsored videos from companies. When you get noticed, companies will approach you to advertise products for them through sponsored videos. With over 1 million followers, you will charge at least Ksh 10,000 per video.

Review products for companies

Once you get millions of followers and views for your account, visit institutions and companies and request to review their products at a fee. Some of them will pay you once they see your numbers.

Create and sell TikTok accounts

Another strategy that works is to create TikTok accounts and sell them to other Kenyans. Below is the amount of money you’ll sell your accounts based on the number of followers.

10,000 followers—Ksh 1,000

20,000 followers—Ksh 1,500

50,000 followers—Ksh 4,000

80,000 followers—Ksh 3,500

100,000 followers—Ksh 10,000

1 million followers—Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 150,000

10 million followers—Ksh 800,000 to Ksh 1 million

Do affiliate marketing

There are many affiliate companies in Kenya you can promote and make money from them. Kenya Website Experts, Hostpinnacle, Hostafrica,22Bet,1XBET and Jumia are some of the best companies for affiliate products. These products will generate for you recurring income.

Review their products and share the affiliate links. When people use your affiliate links to buy products from those companies, you will earn commissions.

Manage accounts for others

Celebrities and companies would want to hire someone to manage their accounts. You can offer yourself for this task and get paid. But you should be someone who can be trusted.

Kenyan companies pay Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 50,000 per month depending on the tasks you’ll be performing. Some of them will require you to take videos and post on their account daily.

Get gifts and donations

Entertain people, go live on TikTok and get gifts and donations. Provide your Mpesa number as you entertain your audience. They will send donations directly to your number. TikTok will also convert the gifts into money and send it via PayPal.

Become a consultant

Become an expert in a particular field and provide ideas on Tiktok.You can become a motivational speaker, health consultancy, physical fitness consultant, online chef,DJ etc.You will get customers through your videos.

Sell your products on Tiktok

If you own an electronics shop, if you own a boutique, make use of Tiktok, where you create videos and post them on your account. You can also market your shop and business through TikTok.