Most Common Keywords for bloggers in Kenya


Keywords are important for bloggers, especially those aspiring to receive organic traffic. In Kenya there are more than 100 most common keywords you should master when you are a blogger. Some of the keywords we know receive over 100,000 searches per month.

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Whether you are a seasoned blogger or a newbie, these are the most important keywords you must master in Kenya:

  1. Marketable diploma courses in Kenya
  2. Marketable degree courses in Kenya
  3. Fees structure
  4. NGO Jobs in Kenya
  5. Salary scales of government officials
  6. Salary scales of teachers
  7. How to know your safe days
  8. How to make money online
  9. Best business to start in Kenya with small capital
  10. Most marketable businesses in Kenya
  11. Cheapest online mobile loans in Kenya
  12. How to apply for helb loan
  13. How to remove your name from CRB
  14. Highest paying companies in Kenya
  15. How to get a green card
  16. Richest men in Kenya
  17. Richest women in Kenya
  18. Best companies to work for
  19. How to write a CV
  20. Highest paying jobs in Kenya
  21. Cheapest courses in Kenya
  22. Cheapest universities in Kenya
  23. Farming ideas in Kenya
  24. List of Counties in Kenya
  25. Best hospitals in Nairobi
  26. Salary of journalists in Kenya
  27. Best and worst universities in Kenya
  28. How to apply for Helb loan
  29. Best banks to save money in Kenya
  30. Cheapest smartphones in Kenya
  31. Best smartphones in Kenya
  32. Best tourist attraction centres in Kenya
  33. Cheap houses to rent in Nairobi
  34. Cheap cars in Kenya below Ksh1 million
  35. Services offered by Huduma Centre
  36. How to Apply for a passport in Kenya
  37. How to Apply for ID in Kenya
  38. Most beautiful women in Kenya
  39. Tribes with husband materials in Kenya
  40. Number of millionaires in Kenya
  41. Number of professors and Doctors in Kenya
  42. Most expensive houses in Kenya
  43. House designs in Kenya
  44. Total number of people in Kenya
  45. Number of registered voters in Kenya
  46. Most educated tribes in Kenya
  47. President’s salary in Kenya
  48. Highest paid journalists in Kenya
  49. Most expensive cars in Kenya
  50. Most expensive schools in Kenya
  51. Cheapest National Schools in Kenya
  52. List of most popular blogs in Kenya
  53. Online jobs in Kenya
  54. List of International schools in Kenya
  55. International schools’ fees structure
  56. Who invented MPESA
  57. Best media houses in Kenya
  58. Highest paid comedians in Kenya
  59. Highest paid DJs in Kenya
  60. Cheapest estates in Nairobi
  61. United Nations Jobs in Kenya
  62. Jobs that don’t require degree course in Kenya
  63. Where to buy mitumba clothes in Nairobi
  64. Tallest buildings in Nairobi
  65. Most beautiful buildings in Kenya
  66. List of counties in Kenya
  67. Names of MPs in Kenya
  68. Names of Governors in Kenya
  69. Fuel efficient cars in Kenya
  70. How to import a car in Kenya
  71. Best second hand cars in Kenya
  72. Cost of pregnancy pills in Kenya
  73. How to create a website
  74. Amount of money required to start a blog in Kenya
  75. List of web hosting companies in Kenya
  76. Most beautiful women in Kenya
  77. MPESA Rates
  78. Safaricom data bundle prices
  79. List of betting sites in Kenya
  80. Best bank to save money in Kenya
  81. List of insurance companies in Kenya
  82. Best SACCOs in Kenya
  83. Banks with the highest interest rates on saving
  84. Most trusted real estate companies in Kenya
  85. How to save money in Kenya
  86. How to Invest money in Kenya
  87. Best online stores in Kenya
  88. Jumia prices
  89. Best construction companies in Kenya
  90. Best Borehole drilling companies in Kenya
  91. KDF salaries and ranks
  92. Police salaries in Kenya
  93. Lecturers salaries
  94. MPESA paybill numbers
  95. How to link MPESA and Paypal
  96. Best lawyers in Nairobi
  97. Best hospitals in Kenya
  98. Best Forex Bureau companies in Nairobi
  99. Route numbers in Nairobi
  100. Rich estates in Nairobi

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