Peter Ndegwa Tops the list of Keywords most searched on Google in Kenya This week


Peter Ndegwa, the incoming Safaricom CEO’s name, has topped the list of trending keywords in Kenya. Before Thursday 24 October 2019, few Kenyans knew about the existence of the new CEO of the most profitable company in East and Central Africa, but immediately Safaricom announced that he is the new CEO everyone went online to search for the name. Currently, Peter Ndegwa has over 100,000 searches online.

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Peter Ndegwa,Safaricom CEO
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  2. Peter Ndegwa’s age
  3. Peter Ndegwa’s wife and children
  4. Is Peter Ndegwa related to Uhuru?
  5. Peter Ndegwa salary
  6. Peter Ndegwa CV and career profile
  7. Peter Ndegwa Safaricom CEO
  8. Peter Ndegwa tribe
  9. Companies Peter Ndegwa has worked for

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We also expect the name Bob Collymore, Sylvia Mulinge and Michael Joseph to appear in people’s searches.