How to Know Whether a blogger will succeed or fail


There are many parameters to use to determine whether a blogger will succeed or fail. When I read articles from newly created blogs, I will tell whether the owner will succeed or fail based on the content generated from such blogs. For an experienced blogger, it won’t take long to pinpoint worth competitors and jokers.

If you are a new blogger, these are the signs that will show whether you will succeed in your work or not.

  1. You aren’t passionate about your work

Nearly 99% of successful bloggers have a passion for what they do. But there are several cases where people join this profession with the intention of making quick money. If you are one who writes one article and feel like quitting, then blogging is not your thing.

There are two graphs here that determine the trends of a successful blogger and a failure. One for a successful one shows an absolute determination regardless of the income while the other one declines with time.

The graph above clearly shows how a blogger with a successful future develops his content and the way the not successful one loses steam over time. One reason the trend is witnessed is because the loser blogger is not motivated enough or he doesn’t like what he does.

  • Original content

A blogger who is poised to succeed always generates original content. When you read his articles, you will find something unique that you won’t find anywhere. Even search engine recognizes the blogger’s work and makes his site an authority. But or a blogger who will eventually fail, he will always plagiarize other people’s work. The reason for plagiarization is because the blogger easily gets bored, thus ending up filling the article gaps with plagiarized content.

If you are the type of a blogger who can’t generate content without referring somewhere, be sure that you will eventually get bored and quit.

  • Creativity

Bloggers with raw talent are extremely creative, they generate fresh content on regular basis. When you visit blogs owned by such people, you realize that they have fresh and unique content with a lot of creativity. But for fake blogger, the content is directly lifted from other blogs.

In the graph above, you’ll see that the successful blogger starts with few articles and gains momentum over time, he becomes more creative over time. For a failure, the articles become less and less over time as he lacks creativity. Eventually, the successful one will remain in the game as the joker drops out.

  • Money factor

Though money is the motivating factor in blogging, successful bloggers are not necessarily motivated by money. There are bloggers who write for fun, these are those with inner drive. Regardless of how much a blogger passionate about their work earn, they don’t lose steam over time, in fact they are more motivated as they write more. The graph below compares a blogger who will succeed and one who will fail.

  • Alternative hobby

If you realize that blogging is your main hobby, chances of succeeding are high but I you find that there is something you love more than blogging, then chances of failing as a blogger are high.

  • Number of visitors per month

You should always monitor the number of visitors to your blog. If at first there are many visitors and over time the number declines to the lowest level, then you are not meant to be a blogger. But if your numbers keep on growing as you add more posts, then chances of succeeding are high.

Readers are as clever as you, they know which blogger is successful and one that’s not serious about their work.