What Will You Do if Your Blog is Not Making Enough money to Sustain You


If a blog is not making enough money to sustain you, there are many things to do. I know for new bloggers, their only option is to quit but that will not solve anything.

When run a blog, there are several costs associated with running it, such as hosting. If you aren’t careful, you will run at a loss everytime. Most bloggers find it difficult to run their blogs because the income is usually meagre. But for one to survive, these are the things they must do;

  1. Diversify your sources of income

When you rely on a single source of income, you will definitely struggle to break even. Majority of bloggers monetize with AdSense which rely heavily on traffic. A blog with less than 100,000 visits per month will not make enough money. But there are bloggers who monetize from AdSense, affiliate marketing, direct banners, sponsored articles and selling products and professional services. These are the kind of bloggers who survive despite the low traffic numbers.

 It’s important to diversify so as to increase the amount of revenue you generate. For instance, if your blog receives 100,000 visitors per month, you will earn the following amount:


Affiliate marketing–$100

Sponsored content–$50

You will spend $100 for hosting and remain with the rest.

  • Create another blog

Some bloggers own more than one blog. When you run more than one blog, it will make it easier for you to generate more income than when you only own one blog. I suggest that you own three blogs of different niches.

This is what I did some years back and I saw my income triple within a short time.

  • Increase the frequency of posting

If you are used to posting once a week, it’s time you start posting at least 3 times each week. In blogging, the more you post the more traffic your site gets, hence more income.

You should also be patient if the blog is new. It usually happens that when a blog is less than one-year-old, the income is not sufficient enough to sustain you.

  • Look for something else to do as a side hustle

You can’t rely on a new blog 100% because it’s not popular enough to generate good money. During this time, it’s advisable to look for another side hustle to supplement the income from your blog.

Before your blog becomes popular, like attracting over 100,000 readers, don’t make it your main hustle.

  • Change the niche

Sometimes you may be in a wrong niche where traffic is low. If you work on a niche for years without realizing growth, it’s good you change the content to focus on another niche. But before you do that, do thorough research to know what others in that new niche make.

  • Promote your blog

One of the problems might be that your blog is not popular. It’s important that you spend some money to promote it on social media. When you post fresh content, sponsor that article so that those in that industry can get access to it.

  • Learn how to use keywords

One problem faced by bloggers is how to use keywords that rank high on search engines. Once you master this trick, your blog will grow significantly, thus generating more revenue. Use SEMrush to learn how to use keywords, sign up free here