Kenya Website Experts Domain Price and Promo Code


Kenya Website Experts provides Promo Code for any person who purchases their services on regular basis or any time of the year. You can use the Promo Code to purchase other products at a later date.

 Here we give a table showing prices of domains at Kenya Website Experts and their Promo code. According to Kenya Website Experts, domain is the cheapest and it costs Ksh 499.During renewal, the domain costs Ksh 1,580, you are required to renew every year.

To register .com domain name, you pay Ksh 790 while renewal price is Ksh 1,000 every year.,learn more here

Below are promo codes and prices for every domain name at Kenya Website Experts:

Product / Service Period Register Promotional Code Renew Domain Name 1 yr KES 499.00 BESTHOST KES 1,580.00 Buy here Domain Name 1 yr KES 399.00 BESTDEAL KES 1,580.00
.com Domain Name 1 yr KES 790.00 TOPHOST KES 1,000.00
.rw Domain Name 1 yr KES 200.00 RW KES 1,000.00 Transfer Renewal 1 yr N/A Contact us via Email KES 1,260.00
.website Domain Name 1 yr KES 99.00 WEBSITE KES 1,900.00
.biz Domain Name 1 yr KES 500.00 BIZ KES 1,260.00
.com Domain Transfer 1 yr KES 890.00 TRANSFERNOW KES 1,000.00
50GB Starter Reseller Hosting 1 mo KES 1,500.00 RESELL KES 2,900.00
100GB Standard Reseller Hosting 1 mo KES 1,800.00 RESELLER KES 4,400.00
200GB Bronze Reseller Hosting 1 mo KES 2,800.00 PROSPER KES 6,400.00
Comodo SSL Certificate 1 yr KES 2,000.00 SECURE KES 2,000.00

Kenya Website Experts is among top web hosting companies in Kenya. Nearly 80% of the bloggers in Kenya host their sites here.Their servers are excellent and services reliable.Check more details here