List of Affiliate Marketing Programs in Kuwait


There are numerous affiliate marketing programs in Kuwait which bloggers and marketers should join to start making money online. Affiliate programs pay commissions on every sale made. In order for one to earn decent money from affiliate marketing, they have to establish niche blogs which repeatedly talk about a particular topic.

If you want to join one of the available affiliate marketing programs in Kuwait, choose from this list:

  • Ubuy

Ubuy is an e-commerce company in Kuwait that offers one of the affiliate commissions in the country.The online shop pays 4% commission on every sale delivered for the company.Payment is made once your account hits KWD3.20

Affiliate Program Commission Type 4% Pay-per-Sale for each sale you deliver
Payout Requirements KWD3.20 – Minimum balance required for payout.
Discount policy 4% discount on each purchased item

Ubuy affiliate link:

The affiliate program is suitable for bloggers reviewing electronics and smartphone products through their blogs. It’s also ideal for online marketers and social media influencers.

  • Flower Kuwait

The second affiliate program you should apply for is Flower Kuwait which pays a commission of 5% for every sale made. The company specializes in selling flowers, cakes, plants, balloons and several other products. Lifestyle blogs are the most ideal to market Flower Kuwait products.

Flower Kuwait affiliate link:

  • Q8intouch

Q8intouch is best marketed by bloggers offering tips on web hosting,web design, blogging and SEO.The company offers a commission of up to 50% based on the type of product sold.A dedicated marketer can make up to KWD 10,000 per month.

To register for Q8intouch,use this link:


If you also wish to make over KWD 1,000 every month from affiliate marketing,join Namshi and start marketing their products.

Namshi affiliate program link:

  • Rehlat

Rehlat is a travel company that offers affiliate marketing opportunities for marketers in Kuwait. Their commissions are paid every month as long as those using your referral link are able to purchase Rehlat products.

To join the affiliate program, follow this link:

  • Lonely Planet

If you are into lifestyle, dating, entertainment, gossip or news niches, join Lonely Planet affiliate program. The affiliate program pays up to 12% commission for travel guides.

Lonely Planet Affiliate program link:

  • Orbex

Orbex deals with forex trading, it’s one of the most popular forex trading companies in Asia. Commissions are paid for every client referred to Orbex.In a month, a marketer will earn upwards of KWD2,000 from this program alone.

Orbex affiliate program link:

  • Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the best affiliate program in the world, it targets bloggers specializing in gadget reviews.

Bloggers targeting smartphone and electronics buyers from Amazon should enroll for Amazon Associates program.