How to Become an Affiliate Marketer in Kenya


Affiliate marketing is one way of making money online through marketing other companies products. Before you start affiliate marketing, there are a couple of things to know. In this article, we shall take you through the process of becoming an affiliate marketer in Kenya and list some of the best affiliate marketing programs to join.

Affiliate marketing is better than AdSense. In 2013 when I started blogging, AdSense was my main source of income, but in 2017 I changed to affiliate marketing. The major reason I shifted was the low income I was getting from AdSense—I was earning Ksh250,000 by then. In affiliate marketing, I make between Ksh 600,000 and Ksh3 million per month.

  • Create a Website/Social media pages

Before you start signing up for affiliate marketing programs, first create a website and social media pages where you’ll be marketing the products. Creating social media pages is free while creating a website can cost up to Ksh20,000.I suggest that you host your website at Bluehost because it will provide excellent services,follow this link to visit Bluehost

Come up with a signature name which everyone will memorize without much struggle. The names of your social media pages should rhyme with the website domain name.

  • Identify the best affiliate programs and sign up for them.

There are many affiliate marketing programs in Kenya, but you should identify the best ones only. Here are some of the best affiliate programs in Kenya:

22Bet(Click here to register)

Betwinner(Click here to register)

Betway(Click here to register)

Jumia Kenya(Click here to register)

  • Start promoting the programs

The hardest part is to promote the affiliate programs and start making money. One of the things to do is to come up with niche sites. For instance, if you are promoting gambling related products, come up with a website that focuses on betting. If you’re to promote Jumia products, create a website that review gadgets. By doing so, you’ll attract relevant visitors to your site.

You must own a website if you wish to become successful in affiliate marketing. Social media may help but it has its own limits.

You can make in excessive of Ksh100,000 every month if you’re aggressive enough.