How to make Ksh 1000 per day in Kenya


If you make Ksh1, 000 per day in Kenya, that translates to Ksh 30,000 per month. This is money that will help you live a comfortable life in Nairobi. Someone earning this money will live a decent life in Nairobi because poverty line is at Ksh 250, meaning that with an income of Ksh 30,000 you are above the poverty line.

To make Ksh 30,000 per month or Ksh1, 000 per day, do the following things:

Look for a job that pays you over Ksh1,000 per day

If you are a graduate, your starting salary might be less than Ksh30,000 but over time, you’ll cross the Ksh 30,000 monthly salary. Permanent jobs especially in government guarantee constant income. The lowest you’ll earn as a graduate is Ksh1,000 per day. Even high school teachers nowadays make over Ksh 30,000 monthly.

You should pursue marketable courses if you want to earn good money in Kenya. Some of the most marketable courses include:

Medicine and Surgery

  1. Nursing
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Computer Science
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. Quantity Surveying
  6. Piloting
  7. CFA
  8. Electrical and Electronics engineering
  9. Mechanical engineering
  10. Architecture

If you pursue one of the above courses, you’ll definitely secure a high paying job in Kenya.

Start a business that generate profit of more than Ksh1,000 per day

Do your own market research to determine which businesses are profitable in Kenya, then launch one that is profitable. Most businesses in the country will yield over Ksh 1,000 per day.

Some of the most profitable businesses include:

  1. MPESA shop
  2. Wines and Spirits
  3. Fast food restaurant
  4. Cosmetics shop
  5. Bodaboda spare part business
  6. Bodaboda business
  7. Hardware shop
  8. Run a PlayStation business
  9. Online taxi business

Run a YouTube channel

Another good way of making money, especially online, is to run a YouTube channel. If you have high quality videos, post them on your channel and make money. Starting a YouTube channel is free and making money is through AdSense. To start making money, make sure the channel is one at least 12 months old, you have 1000 subscribers and over 4000 watch hours then apply for AdSense. Approval is almost automatic as long as your content is original and of high quality.

To earn Ksh1000 per day from YouTube, you need 5000 views and above, which is achievable.

  • Start your own blog

You can also earn at least Ksh1, 000 in Kenya by starting your own blog. At first it might be hard to earn the money but as you create more content, you’ll start realizing serge in income. It takes at least 1 year for a blogger to earn more than Ksh1, 000 per day. But when you start earning this money, it won’t take long before the income doubles. The only thing required is consistency.

The income required to start your own blog is Ksh 5,000 to Ksh15, 000.An ideal blog requires a domain name, hosting space and WordPress template. You also need ways of making money. AdSense is the major source of income for Kenyan bloggers.

Academic writing

If you’re a graduate and unable to secure employment, please look for a credible academic writing company and get some work to do. But eventually, you’ll need your own account in order to earn maximum amount paid by students. There are over 20 academic writing firms in Kenya to join.

Academic writing companies pay per page completed where each page pays Ksh 200 to Ksh 2,000.If you own your own account, they will pay you Ksh 1,500 to Ksh 2,500 per page.

Currently, this industry is employing over 20,000 youths

Do farming

Farming is also another activity that’s paying well. You can combine poultry, dairy, cash crop and food crop farming. Dairy farming is now hotcake especially in towns like Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu. People prefer buying milk direct from farmers because it’s fresh and of high quality. Even one cow can make Ksh1000 per day.

Kenyans are also growing avocado for export, it’s good business to do in Kenya if your land is big. One acre will generate at least Ksh2 million per year for you.

Social media marketing and consultancy

Social media has provided opportunities for many youths in Kenya to make money online. Create your own pages and sell products through them, or promote products for other companies and get paid.

Deal with real estate property

You can advertise property online and get paid commissions. Start buying and selling land in major towns if you have good capital.


Buy and sell cryptocurrency. This is one business you are sure of getting over Ksh1, 000 per day from. You will buy Bitcoins for Ksh 100,000 today and sell the same for Ksh 500,000 in one month’s time.

Buy Unit Trusts

Stock brokers and insurance companies offer opportunities a chance to make money by buying unit trusts. To earn Ksh1000 and above daily, one has to buy units worth Ksh 3 million and above. This is money you are assured of earning, no loss making.

When you invest in Unit Trusts, the principle amount remains intact—it’s not affected at all.