How much does YouTube pay per 1 million views in USA


Content creators in USA earn $5000 to $30000 per 1 million views from YouTube. For 1000 views, they earn $2 to $50.The income is dependent on factors like niche, length of the video and the type of adverts on a channel. The Geographical location of visitors also matter in regard to the income earned.

The highest paying niche generates up to $30000 per 1 million views. Some of the highest paying niches include:

Profitable YouTube Niches Average CPM
1. Make Money Online $13.60
2. Social Media Marketing $12.38
3. Finance & Investing $12.16
4. Educational Videos $9.89
5. Photography & Film Making $7.31
6. Cars $4.23
7. Lifestyle $3.47
8. Fashion & Clothing $3.13
9. Entertainment $2.74
10. Cooking $2.50
11. Tech & Gadgets $2.39
12. Reviews & Reactions $2.03
13. Bodybuilding & Fitness $1.60
14. Music $1.46
15. Video Games $1.40

When creating a YouTube channel, ensure that its content is in line with the highest paying niches.

In order to earn decent money from YouTube, the visitors must spend enough time watching the videos, the more time they take the higher the amount of money you earn. For your visitors to get glued to your videos for long, you have to create engaging content. The videos must be of high quality, entertaining and useful to the viewers. Within each video there should be at least 2 ads. However, the length of the videos should be at least 20 minutes.

The geographical location of visitors is also important. Make sure more than 80% of visitors are from USA, UK, Canada or Australia. With this high percentage, you are certain that the 1 million views will yield at least $10,000.

When creating content, don’t target visitors from India and Africa, they will lower your income. If more than 50% of them are from Africa, India and Pakistan, your channel will not make more than $4000 per 1 million views. But with 100% of the visitors coming from USA,be assured of earning above $5000 from 1M views.