Jobs that pay $100,000 without a Degree in USA


Below is a list of jobs in USA that pay more than $100,000 without a degree:

  1. Web developer

They earn up to $107,000 annually depending with one’s skills and experience.

  1. Cyber Security Analyst

They receive up to $113,000 annually. This job requires a high school diploma and not necessarily a degree.

  1. Entrepreneur

They earn more depending with the business growth. Majority of wealthy people in the USA are business owners.

  1. Site Superintendent

This is another job that does not require a degree. They supervise commercial properties, hospitals, schools etc.

  1. Information Technology Manager

They work with a team and sometimes alone by overseeing and implementing information technology. They earn up to $100,000 yearly depending with the experience and the company that has employed you.

  1. Head Chef

If cooking is your passion/gift/talent becoming a head chef at a trendy restaurant can earn you up to $150,000.

  1. Freelance Writer

If you performed well in English classes in high school and loved English naturally you can become a writer and grow yourself to earning $100,000 yearly.

  1. Professional Athlete ‘

If this is what you love doing from running, swimming etc. and you are excellent at it. They are usually hired straight from high school.

  1. Digital Nomad

You can start earning a lot of money by setting up an e-commerce business e.g. FBA – fulfillment by amazon which allows one to create an online selling manufacturers products online.

  1. Makeup Artist

If applying makeup is you gift/passion you can maximize it and start earning from it. A professional makeup artist earns up to 134,750 yearly.

  1. Electrician

They are always on demand. They earn up to $100,000 yearly. Just like plumbers one has to be great at their job.

  1. Senior Real Estate Agent

They are responsible for overseeing daily operations of a commercial building, school, hospital etc. They earn up to $108,000 yearly.

  1. Air Traffic Controller

They do not need a college degree to operate. They coordinate airplanes and they earn up to $150,000 yearly.

  1. sales Consultant

Selling exotic cars and airplanes earns you up to $100,000 yearly. You just have to be good at it.

  1. Virtual Assistant

One can become a virtual assistant to an online entrepreneur. One enjoys working from home, and they earn up to $100,000 yearly.

  1. Plumber

America lacks enough trades people, this job is always on demand. They earn up to $100,000 yearly.

  1. Fire Fighter

One can sign up right from high school to become a fire fighter, with years of experience one gets to earn up to $100,000 yearly.

  1. Police Officer

They work for the government; one receives training before getting hired to a department.

  1. Product Manager

Their work is to oversee the development of a product for a company/factory. To get this job one must have an experience working in a product development.

  1. Risk Manager

They plan implement risk, strategize in a business setting.  The common skills required are communication, problem solving and keen eye for detail

  1. Radiation Therapist

They roughly earn $100,000 yearly. They do work closely with cancer treatment teams to administer treatment to cancer patients.

  1. Computer Network Architect

They earn up to $125,489 yearly. They design and build data related communication networks. This job demand is increasing yearly.

  1. Owner-Operator Driver

They earn an average salary of $143,578 yearly. They own their truck/trucking business. Sometimes they may give out their services/trucks to companies/individuals at a fee.

  1. Senior Engagement Manager

They earn $145,600 yearly. The primary basic duty is being in charge of building and nurturing contacts with clients after they have signed contracts with the company.

  1. Commercial Pilots

They only require high school diploma or its equivalent with a moderate term on the job training. The certificate for training is required, and the annual wage is $121,430.