HostArmada affiliate commissions, reviews and payment


HostArmada has one of the highest paying affiliate marketing programs in the world. The commission rate range between $50 and $200 per sale. Dedicated Servers generate the highest commissions.The program targets bloggers with web hosting niche blogs or social media pages with high number of following.

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Here are the commissions you will earn from the program

Sales/Hosting Plans Cloud Shared Hosting Cloud Reseller Hosting Cloud SSD VPS Hosting Dedicated CPU Hosting
1-5 Sales /month $50 /sale $50 /sale $75 /sale $100 /sale
6-10 Sales /month $75 /sale $75 /sale $100 /sale $125 /sale
11-20 Sales /month $100 /sale $100 /sale $125 /sale $150 /sale
20+ Sales /month $125 /sale $125 /sale $150 /sale $200 /sale

From the figures above it’s clear that the more sales you make the higher the pay. Assuming that you sell 100 items per month, you will earn $20,000.Selling 100 products need a lot of traffic. It’s for blogs getting over 100k visits per month.

Features of the affiliate program

  1. Free Sign Up
  2. $10 Starting Bonus
  3. Automated Monthly Payout
  4. Up to $200 per qualified Sale
  5. Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  6. Detailed Tracking of Clicks and Sales
  7. Pre-Configured Landing Pages
  8. Awesome Promotional Materials
  9. Precise Monthly Payout
  10. 45 Days Withhold Period

The payment is made via PayPal. This means that you MUST have a PayPal account before registering for HostArmada affiliate program.

Minimum payout threshold for the program is $100.You are required to refer at least 2 customers of Shared Hosting services.

The withholding period is 45 days. If you make a sale today, you will wait for 45 days for it to be paid to you due to the money-back-guarantee policy.

How to promote HostArmada products and make good sales

For you to make good sales,you have to create high quality articles related to web hosting. Ensure that the referral link is inserted within the articles. You should also put a banner in your site.

If you create at least 20 articles with HostArmada links, you’ll start getting sales.

Another trick is to post news about HostArmada and review their products.

You should also share the affiliate links on social media and in forums.

With a blog getting 100k visitors per month,you will be assured of making over 5 sales.

To join the affiliate program,follow this link