Why blogging is dead in 2024


I have been keen on following blogging trends and for the first time, I agree that blogging is dead in 2024.The first two months of 2024 were pretty good for bloggers but from March 2024 things started going south—this was the time Google rolled out the new Algorithm which favours high authority sites. Since then, small bloggers have failed to get meaningful organic traffic.

I am really wondering how small bloggers will get traffic in future, especially the ones without social media presence. It’s a worrying situation across the internet particularly for bloggers who have been entirely relying on blogging for survival. The main hustle is gone, what will they do next?!!

Here are valid reasons why blogging is dead in 2024

Bloggers won’t afford web hosting services

Since small bloggers won’t be getting traffic from Google, their income will reduce significantly. This will impact negatively on their income. Since they won’t afford web hosting services, bloggers will not have any other option but to quit.

The introduction of AI has affected many niche sites

Google has introduced AI overview where they summarize information and present it in such a way that a visitor won’t find a reason to visit any website—he will get all the information needed in the overview.

Google favouring websites with high domain authority

Another signal that blogging is dead is that Google is now favouring high domain authority sites.If your site has domain authority below 30,you won’t feature anywhere in page one of Google. This whole idea locks out small and new websites.

No hope for new bloggers

If you are planning to start a new blog with hopes of making money, you better stop. It will take you up to 10 years to earn your first $100.You can only blog out of passion but not for making money online.

The number of new blogs being created is low and the trend will continue to the far future. It implying that blogging is dying a fast death.

People are shifting to YouTube and TikTok

Most people prefer watching videos to reading books and articles in blogs. Even on Google, they will rank videos higher than blog content. If blogging isn’t given much attention, it means that it’s a dying profession.

Informational content is dead

You will not survive in this blogging environment with informational content. Google has summarized the content in the overview section. Nobody will waste their time to visit your site. Majority of the content on blogs are all about informational content, implying that they will feel the heat of the AI overview.


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