Former President Daniel Moi Dead is the top Keyword in Kenya this week


Top keyword in Kenya this week is, “Former President Moi dead”. President Moi died on 4 February 2020 at the age of 95 years.

If you are a blogger, the best keywords to focus on is about president Moi.Here is a list of articles you should write:

  • Former President Daniel Moi dead
  • Where Moi will be buried
  • President Moi wife
  • President Moi wealth
  • Moi children
  • List of companies owned by Moi
  • List of people Moi killed
  • What killed president Moi

By the end of the week,the keyword will generate over Ksh 100,000 from AdSense.

Apart from President Moi dead keyword, another keyword that’s trending is,Kakamega school children latest news”. You should also write about BBI and stories about Deputy President William Ruto.