Niche for Bloggers which are not flooded in Kenya


Almost every blogger in Kenya is copying others, it has reached a moment almost every niche is flooded except a few. Almost everyone in Kenya is posting about education, entertainment, news and business but they are forgetting about the less flooded niches.

At the moment, Tuko, Victor Matara, Venas News, Kenyans and a couple of other blogs have written almost everything searchable online, but there are areas they have not touched. If you are a new blogger or you are about to start a blog, make sure you focus on the areas less concentrated.

The best niche blogs to start in Kenya are:

  1. Agriculture

There is no single dominant blog touching on Agriculture. This is one important area you should blog on. There are millions of keywords for agriculture which have not been touched by the current bloggers.

If your blog becomes popular, which is obvious, you’ll get direct adverts from companies like Brookside, Sameer Africa, Kenchic and several others. The good thing is that you will not share adverts with any blogger, hence better bargaining power.

  • Dating

Go round and ask anyone whether they know any dating site in Kenya, none will confirm. Dating is a multibillion business elsewhere in the world but in Kenya it’s untapped business. As a blogger, you should think along this line.

There is a lot of money in this niche especially in Kenya but there is no single person who has come out to run a strong and reliable dating site.

  • Banking, Insurance and Mortgage

With the upsurge of mobile money Apps, this is the best time to write about mobile money companies and the products they offer. It’s also sad that no blogger has a site that is purely dedicated for mortgage, insurance and banking products.

  • Construction/Real Estate/Engineering and software design

The construction industry is booming, there are several plots being sold everywhere, houses are being developed. The reality is that no blogger has a site that offers information about real estate. All we have are websites that market those products.

If you come up with a serious blog that provided updated information about real estate, construction and softwares in Kenya, you’ll make millions.

  • Music/Comedy /Events and Entertainment

Almost all entertainment sites in Kenya provide current affairs about celebrities but there isn’t a single site that gives information about new songs, comedy and events around the country. Ghafla used to do that but it seems they got tired.

  • University Admissions /Education news and News

Most websites provide information about courses in universities but no one has ever thought about updating Kenyans on what happens in every university. Some of the best keywords are admissions and courses offered, if your site would update Kenyans on this, it will go viral.

  • County News

Another area bloggers should focus on is County news and information. Such a blog will earn from AdSense, Tender adverts, Job adverts and several advertisements involving counties.

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