Why Blogging from Facebook is not Sustainable


Blogging from Facebook is not sustainable, it’s not even appropriate to call yourself a blogger when you don’t own a blog. Facebook has many restrictions on bloggers and it might reach a time they delete your page.

No matter how popular your Facebook page is, you have to know that you don’t fully own it, Zuckerberg might decide to change a policy that will render you jobless. Facebook also changes policies more often and if a policy is introduced that don’t favour you, then you are in trouble.

As a blogger, you have to own a blog, then a Facebook page as a backup. With your own blog, nobody will restrict you, the owner has 100% control of the website. But with a Facebook page, you have almost zero control of your page.

The good thing about owning a blog is that nobody restricts you on which advert you place on it or not but with Facebook, there are adverts you cannot do.

Facebook also determines who views your page and who doesn’t. You can have 10 million Followers and only 1,000 of them view your content, just because Facebook decides so.

Around 90% of bloggers who are doing well are those with established blogs. Facebook bloggers come and go but those with blogs will continue earning until they decide to quit. One thing I don’t like about Facebook is that in most occasions, the income is not recurring. The traffic one gets is not organic. But almost every blog attracts organic traffic, which in turn lead to organic traffic.

If you are a serious blogger and you don’t own a blog, that’s a big mistake. Starting a blog requires a capital of less than $200.Bluehost is the best company you can buy a domain from and start hosting with as little as $3.95 per month. Follow this link to create and account and buy a domain name.

After you have paid for hosting, you can contact us for website creation. Finally, you will sign up for AdSense and start making money. There are millions of bloggers earning over $1,000 every month.


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