How to Prevent other bloggers from copying your content


There are many ways you can prevent other bloggers from copying your content but many of us opt not to take the matter seriously knowing that the bloggers will eventually get tired and quit the habit. However, as a matter of fact, it’s irritating to see people copying your content without acknowledging the source. The only consolation is that nowadays there is a way search engines avoid indexing duplicate content, only the content from the main source is indexed. Nevertheless, there are common circumstances where even the copied content is indexed especially when a more popular site copies you.

There was a time I used to get irritated. I remember one case in 2017 when I had posted a juicy article which went viral. The following morning, I found more than 10 blogs had posted the same article on their blogs without acknowledging me. The articles were ranking better than mine, leading to massive loss of page views on my side. If you are a blogger, you know how painful this is to see others gaining out of your sweat, which is why everyone must protect their content.

To stop other bloggers from copying your content, here are the steps to take:

  1. Contact the blogger and request for the deletion of the article’

The most lenient step to take is to contact the blogger doing the same, request them to delete the article. Almost every blog has an email or phone number to contact. In your message, threaten them with legal action or serious consequences like click bombing especially if the blogger is monetizing with AdSense. Click bombing is dangerous for a blogger because it can result to AdSense being disabled

This step also helped me some time back when a notorious blogger copied more than 10 of my articles. I threatened with legal action and click bombing, he stopped copying immediately.

  • Add backlinks

In your article, add backlinks—they should be at least 3. This will irritate a blogger to the extent of avoiding your blog completely. Even if they post the article with the backlinks, it will help your blog to get more backlinks, hence becoming more popular and authoritative.

  • Disable right clicking

There are many ant-right click plugins you can use to discourage other bloggers from stealing your content. However, the most experienced bloggers will install another plugin to disable this feature. But at least by having this plugin, you’ll prevent some from copying your content.

One disadvantage of disabling right click is that it can negatively impact on your blog SEO and traffic.

  • Have as many affiliate links within your articles as possible

Another way to help your blog from being copied is to have as many affiliate links as possible. Even if someone copies your content, you don’t worry much because he will be promoting your affiliate links and in the process earn you some money.

  • Develop highly customized and personalized articles

If your blog name is Webhosting Voice, make sure in between you thorough a statement mentioning it.Go ahead to insert a backlink. You can even tell a story about yourself and mention your name in between. In short, make the article very difficult to be copied. If someone decides to copy the article, it would take them several minutes to edit it, more than they would have written fresh article.

  • Build Authority blog

The surest way to intimidate other bloggers is by developing an authority blog. In case they decide to copy your content, they will never rank above you. Eventually, it will be useless for them to copy your content.

Authority blog should have original content with cleverly crafted posts. A blogger running an authority blog should also be able to master the use of keyword and ensure they blogs have excellent SEO index. Most bloggers use SEMRush SEO tool to learn about keywords and how to apply them. You can sign up for a free trial here

  • Report Copyright Infringement

The best way to scare them off is by reporting them to Google over Copyright Infringement. If Google and other search engines determine that you are the original author of the article, they will remove it from search result or stop it from being indexed, but the article from your blog will be indexed.

  • Ignore the bloggers

People love good things; they love being associated with successful bloggers. If other bloggers realize that your content is good, they will start copying you so that they can equally become successful. The best medicine is to ignore them because you might waste several days warning thousands of bloggers. There is a time in life when a blog grows too big that every other blog must copy its content. But the good thing is that if someone is not passionate about what they are doing, they will eventually pull out.

  • Pursue niches which are prohibited by AdSense

If your niche is about adult content and gambling, it’s hard for other bloggers to copy your content. If a blogger copies your content and is using AdSense, the account will be disabled. I managed to trap several bloggers with this idea. From 2012 to 2017 my blog feared stories from every niche. One day I decided to remove Adsense from it and post gambling content. Those bloggers who were fond of copying my content got several warnings and eventually lost their AdSense accounts. I later deleted the articles and returned the banners on the site. I am now at peace.