Best Paying Online Jobs 2020


Which are the best paying online jobs for the year 2020? This is a question for youths who aspire to make money online through available job opportunities. Nowadays, more and more people are shunning 8 am to 5 pm jobs because they aren’t flexible. Online jobs have also increased as companies strive to cut costs.

If you are looking for well-paying online jobs, here is a list to choose from:

  • Blogging

Blogging allows you to become your own boss. The income you earn from this activity has no limits, your traffic and monetization strategies will determine your income. Most bloggers started with baby steps, they grew gradually until their monthly income could sustain them. However, only bloggers with passion and determination are able to succeed.

There is no barrier for anyone to become a blogger—entry is free. The capital required to start a blog is in the neighborhood of $50.If you need a domain name and hosting services,click on this link to visit Bluehost

The moment you create a blog, you need ways to make money online. Nearly all bloggers start making money via AdSense. Once you have a new blog and a few active posts, sign up for AdSense and start making money. The amount of money you’ll make range between $100 and $500,000 per month. For my case, I make between $10,000 and $50,000 every month from blogging. I currently own 5 active blogs and each of them generates decent income for me. Webhosting Voice is my newest blog but it’s growth is phenomenon.

Blogging can be done as a side hustle then later turn it as the main hustle. The most profitable niches for bloggers in 2020 are:

  1. Dating
  2. Gambling
  3. Mortgages
  4. Health
  5. Money and Banking
  6. Web Hosting
  7. Real Estate
  8. Education
  9. Make money online
  10. Gadgets and Software
  11. Migration

With traffic in excess of 1 million per month, you will earn over $1500 over the same period. If you manage 10 million visits per month, your income will exceed $7000

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing does not necessarily require a blog; one can market products via social media. There are over 50,000 affiliate programs world over which generate income for online marketers. The best way to earn passive income is to promote other companies’ products through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs like Amazon pay on commission basis—you only earn when you make a sale. But since the company is known, earning money from such affiliate programs is easy.

The richest bloggers in the world are those marketing affiliate products online. If you check blogs like Smart Passive Income, Shoutmeloud and ProBlogger, you will notice that they all have affiliate links. None of the bloggers is monetizing with AdSense…they say AdSense is for newbies.

 The highest affiliate marketing programs are in the following niches:

  1. Gambling
  2. Forex
  3. Web Hosting
  4. SEO
  5. Email Marketing
  6. E-commerce

Your first step is to identify the niche you are comfortable with, then create a niche blog where you will post articles relevant to that niche. Insert links to your articles and also put banners on your website. If your content attracts over 10,000 page views per day, you’ll earn above $2,000 monthly. However, the income you’ll earn depends on conversion rate; you need excellent marketing skills to make sales.

  • Academic writing/Data Entry jobs

Another well-paying online job is one involving academic writing/data entry. If you manage to get a good company to work with, you’ll earn above $100 per day. Academic writing jobs are mostly dished out to graduates who are yet to secure employment. Some of the best academic writing companies include:

  1. Writers Labs
  2. Upwork
  3. VIP-Writers
  4. Essay Writing Lab
  5. UK Top Writers
  6. British Academic Writers

Majority of academic writing companies pay per page competed. The amount range between $5 and $50 per page. Assuming you complete 120 pages per day where each page pays $10, you’ll earn an average of $200 daily.

Though hectic, academic writing pays handsomely, especially if you operate your own account where you supply work obtained from clients to your workers.

There are also several data entry companies that provide work to graduates for payment, they include:

  1. Writers Bay
  2. FlexJobs
  3. Freelancer
  4. People-Per-Hour

Data entry jobs will earn you more than $1,000 per month. Most companies pay an average of $20 per day.

  • Freelancer blogger

Freelancer blogger is one that is paid per task completed. You will advertise your services online where you quote the figure to be paid for writing articles for top blogs. If you are good enough, some of the blogs will pay you upwards of $300 per article. But you must write for renowned blogs to get recognition from other bloggers. You can even start by guest blogging where you post on top blogs for free, then later get paid per post.

  • Selling professional skills

There is nothing that’s profitable online like selling professional skills. If you know how to design a website, go ahead and create your own web design company. If you know how to migrate websites from one hosting company to another, go ahead and advertise the services online. Every professional has unique space online, it’s only you who will use the right advertising channels to attract clients. We even have online tutors for languages like French, Germany, Chinese and Italian.

There was a time I was about to welcome visitors to my birthday. I didn’t have time to buy a cake, I just wanted someone to take me through the procedure of baking black forest cake. When I Googled, I found a lady who had posted a nice video of how to bake the cake. I went through it and when I was about to finish, a chat popped up, I responded. Since I really wanted her to help me to cook, I had to pay $50 for consultation. I ended up baking the cake. I later learnt that she helps more than 10 people every day.

  • Become an influencer on social media

Social media influencers earn a lot of money. The moment your page gets more than 500,000 followers, you’ll start getting emails and messages from companies to advertise on your platform. The highest paid social media influencers are in Instagram and Facebook, some of them earn up to $1 million per post. The more followers you have, the more you earn from adverts. If your page has more than 1 million followers, you’ll earn above $1000 per post.


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