A2 Hosting affiliate payout


A2 offers high commissions for marketers, payouts range from $55 to $125 per sale: the more sales you make, the more money you earn. For those selling 1-10 accounts, they earn $55 per sale. Whoever manages to sell 11-15 accounts earns $75 per sale. The good thing is that the company discusses with marketers on the price they’d pay for selling more than 20 accounts.

Below is a table showing the payouts for each price band:

  1. 1-10 sales: $55/sale
  2. 11-15 sales: $75/sale
  3. 16-20 sales: $100/sale
  4. 21+ sales: $125/sale (21 X $125=$2625!)

How to register for the affiliate program

As long as you own a blog with some traffic, A2 will accept your application. To register and start marketing the company’s products,follow this link and sign up

The best way to promote the company’s products is through your blog. Post good articles reviewing their products and you’ll start getting clients…but make sure that the content is unique.

A2 Hosting provides real time statistics and 90-day cookie life, meaning that even if it takes your visitor 90 days after to buy A2 Products, your account will be credited with affiliate income from the visitor.