How your blog can be approved easily by AdSense 2022


Nearly every blogger gives the obvious details on how a new blog can easily be approved by AdSense. Nowadays approval process has been made simple, it takes even less than 24 hours after applying for approval to get approved. While majority of blogs are rejected, there are some which are approved with just one application.

If your blog has been rejected severally, then there is something you aren’t doing right. To get approval quickly, do the following things:

Post at least 50 high quality articles

Post one or more articles daily and ensure the articles are more than 50 before applying for AdSense. When you post regularly, AdSense will know that you are a serious content creator and in future they’ll make money through your blog.

Each of the article should contain 500 words and above. Make sure more than 5 articles contain 2000 words and above.

You should ensure the articles are original and unique. Don’t copy paste content from online.

Avoid using photos downloaded from Google

Majority of bloggers find it easy to download photos from Google. Such photos can subject you to copyright issues. It’s important that you use your own photos, the ones you create for yourself.

AdSense may not tell you that some of the photos you’re using are subjected to copyright issues but they will reject your blog.

Use premium WordPress template

It’s important that when you decide to become a blogger, be a serious blogger. Using a premium template with enough spaces for AdSense is a sign that you are ready to monetize with AdSense. There are many premium templates online like the one I am using on this blog—it’s Newspaper theme.

Avoid flooded niches

AdSense does not approve blogs posting content in flooded niches. If your content is about making money online, news, politics, entertainment, gadgets and gossip, there are high chances it won’t be approved by AdSense.

You need to research for less exploited topics like environment, agriculture and business that would add more value to your audience.

Avoid these niches

There are some niches which are not family and society friendly. Adult content, content related to war, betting and fund raising are not good for AdSense. Your blog won’t be approved if the content is related to the niches listed above.

If your blog was banned before, create a different blog and use a different email to apply for AdSense

In case your blog is banned, you still have a chance to get approved but this time around, create a new blog and use a different email to apply.

Nowadays AdSense can approve different blogs for one individual, not like few years ago when only one account could be approved.

Don’t buy traffic

Avoid fake traffic. You should also avoid sharing the content regularly on social media. Create content and wait for the blog to grow naturally.

Your blog will easily be approved if it’s receiving direct or organic traffic only

When applying, ensure no any other banner is in your blog

When applying for AdSense, remove all other banners from your site. AdSense may not approve sites with banners from other companies.

Check spelling mistakes, typos and delete low quality articles

Your content should be of high quality, should be free of typos and any other error associated with blogging. If there are posts you copied from other sites, delete them.

The font size should also be 12 and the colour should be clear enough for anyone to read your articles.

Use recommended language in your articles

Don’t mix languages. If you decide to use English, use it in all the posts. It makes it easier for AdSense to understand your blog while undergoing the approval process.

You should also know the languages accepted by AdSense.

You should be in charge of your blog

Your age should be 18 and above, you should own the blog. Don’t apply for AdSense if you don’t own the blog.

Another thing to consider is to write and post the articles by yourself. Don’t pay people to write the articles for you.

Text should take more spaces than images

Don’t use so many images in posts, you should ensure that text takes more space than images. If an article has 2000 words, the images within the article should not exceed 5.

Apply 6 months after creating the blog

Don’t be in a hurry to apply for AdSense, create and post content regularly until 6 months are over then apply for AdSense.