How to start affiliate marketing in Kenya


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. How to start affiliate marketing in Kenya is the challenge many bloggers and marketers face but it’s simple to venture into this area if you are passionate enough. Affiliate marketing always perform better than AdSense especially with a high paying niche like betting or e-commerce.

Here are the steps to follow when starting affiliate marketing in Kenya:

  1. Identify a profitable niche
  2. Create a niche blog
  3. Start posting content
  4. Sign up to affiliate programs
  5. Sign up to profitable affiliate programs
  6. Place affiliate banners on your blog
  7. Share your content on social media

Identify a profitable niche

In Kenya affiliate marketing is not as popular as AdSense but it’s very profitable. There are a couple of companies offering the programs. Your first and most important task is to identify a profitable niche. Based on my own experience, betting, web hosting and ecommerce are the three most profitable niches.

Create a niche blog

You should ensure that the blog you create is in line with the niche you identified. If you identified Web Hosting programs, create a web hosting blog.

Starting a blog in Kenya costs Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 20,000.You need to buy a domain name, build a WordPress site and get a Premium theme for the blog. In Kenya there are many web hosting providers to get the services from, such as Kenya Website Experts, HostPinnacle, Truehost, Sasahost and Safaricom web hosting. It takes at most one week to create a blog in Kenya.

Start posting content on your blog and sign up to affiliate programs

The most important step is to start posting content on your blog. Make sure the content goes hand in hand with the niche of your affiliate programs.

Without content, you’ll never make money from affiliate programs. Ensure you use the right keywords that attract relevant readers.

Post at least 100 high quality articles, get more than 100 views per day and start signing up to various affiliate programs in Kenya. Once you do that, start inserting the links in your articles. You can also put affiliate banners on your website.

Share your content on social media to grow your blog

After creating hundreds of blog posts, make sure you share as many posts as possible on social media. The action will help grow your blog.

  • Secrets of succeeding in affiliate marketing

If you want to become successful in affiliate marketing, you should be consistent. Create at least one blog post per day. You should also provide solutions. For instance, if someone is looking for cheap web hosting company, don’t mislead them, provide solutions that can help him and also convince him to visit your blog next time he needs a solution to something.

Don’t mix affiliate marketing with AdSense. If you have decided to do affiliate marketing, stick to it.

Affiliate marketing may not generate income from the beginning, it needs patience. You might take more than 2 years of serious hard work before earning a decent income. But when you start getting good traffic, earning becomes easy.

Affiliate marketers earn money through commissions. Some companies pay up to 50% of the money they earn through your referrals.