How much does YouTube pay you for 1 million views in South Africa


YouTube pays R 30,000 to R 50,000 per 1 million views in South Africa. The specific amount of money earned depend on niche, type of traffic, length and quality of your videos. When the quality of your videos is good and your channel gets more than 90% of traffic from South Africa, the minimum income you’ll earn from 1 million views is R30, 000.

The CPM for 1,000  views in South Africa is R10 to R30

What exactly determines the amount of money you’ll earn from YouTube?

Source of traffic

The highest quality of traffic comes from USA and European nations. If over 50% of traffic comes from USA, expect to earn in excess of R30, 000 from 1 million views.

As a content creator, your main goal should be to create content that target South Africa, Europe and USA traffic. Also, traffic from UAE is good.

Avoid traffic from Pakistan, India and most parts of Africa. If most of your traffic is from India, your channel won’t make more than R10,000 monthly.


The niche of your content also determines your level of income. To make more than R30,000 from 1 million views, focus on the following niches:

Most profitable YouTube niches in South Africa

  1. Gaming Niche.
  2. Funny Videos and Random Videos.
  3. Music Videos.
  4. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)
  5. Niches with Educational Content.
  6. Niches Showing Life Hacks.
  7. Personal Finance.
  8. Lifestyle Niche
  9. Make money online
  10. Web Hosting
  11. Sports

Length and quality of your videos

Create long videos that force people to be glued to them for a long period of time. The longer the period one watches the videos, the more money you make. To ensure the duration of watch time for each viewer is long, the videos must be resourceful or entertaining.First,ensure that they are of high quality, they should also answer the questions of the viewers.Normally,people search for specific videos to get answers or get entertained, if you don’t provide those solutions, people will start watching a video ,get bored and leave immediately.

How to start earning money from YouTube

More than 90% of YouTubers in South Africa generate their income through AdSense. To be eligible for monetization, your channel should meet the following minimum requirements

  1. It should have at least 1,000 subscribers
  2. The channel should be at least 12 months old
  3. Your videos should be original and of high quality—no copyright issues
  4. Your videos should get over 4,000 watch time hours before you apply for monetization
  5. You must own a bank account

After getting the AdSense account, you will place the code into your channel and start earning. To reach 1 million views is not a joke, your videos must of outstanding quality. You should also have as many subscribers as possible. If your channel has 100k subscribers, each video is capable of getting over 10k views. In a month, you’ll post at least 10 videos in order to attract 1 million views.

One mistake content creators make is that they don’t post regularly. This makes YouTube not to display high paying ads on your channel, your videos aren’t suggested either. To grow fast, post videos daily.

In addition to monetizing from AdSense, YouTube channels can also make money through Sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or by selling of specific items. This means that your income will be more than R30, 000 if you go ahead to look for more ways to monetize your traffic.